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Ana Lee's fashion blog is in Russian but with its insane number of HQ photographs [don't forget to click the "далее"], you won't care. For example, her two posts about Carol Alt almost certainly comprise the greatest documentation of that model's career to be found anywhere in the world.
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Perfect post-Irene perusing. Yards of wonderful photographs, heaps of yummy nostalgia. I do really love the Russians' use of Live Journal. There are amazing treasures to be found there and this is just such a one.

Lots to savor. I like the silhouettes and love this totally 80's video.

Classic 80's model, I never knew or cared much about Carol Alt. Heard her name but it went in one synapse and out the other. Looking through this collection of pics I realize how the visuals were sort of like 80's wallpaper that had become part of the culture of the time, like Sidney Sheldon novels. the 8-'s were so over the top in fashion. the huge jewelry and hair, the kitsch, the shoulder pads! I like seeing unphotoshopped fashion pics too.

Thanks for the fun post Trurl.
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This is not helping me cure my addiction to Christy Turlington.
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Ooo! Ooo! I totally sat next to Carol Alt once at an overpriced vegan cafe.

She had salad and an ice cream. I could only afford juice.
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There should be a category for Russian LiveJournal accounts that are almost obsessively-complete picture dumps of a particular theme, because I've seen this here more than once. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you; I'm especially taken by the "atomic housewives" post--I can remember seeing that trope over and over, of housewives that were pictured as impeccably coiffed and fashionably dressed as they shopped, cooked and cleaned (even while putting out a fire) in ads and cookbooks of that era.)
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I've seen this here more than once

That wouldn't surprise me, though it evaded my due-diligence search. Just about every post is FPP worthy.

Personal favorite: Costume & Fashion Source Books: The 1980s-1990s
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i can not read, but nice photos
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