At least 17 killed, hundreds injured, in France.
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At least 17 killed, hundreds injured, in France. Today, Toulouse was brought to a standstill, as a chemical explosion rocked the town. Initially thought, by many in the area, to be linked to the recent NY attacks, but thankfully not. (Or see the BBC version with more pics)
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Um, what was that about the United States attacking -- overtly or covertly -- any country that harbors terrorists or provides them with supplies?

Let the conspiracy theories begin ...
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It's a bit unnerving to imagine the scenarios of our own (far from secure) chemical plants being used against us. For vibe preservation i try to avoid doing it. Just push it to the back of my mind. I suspect our governments do that too. We're sitting on timebombs. Whether this turns out to be connected or not, the big issue is that it oh so easily could be. It's very shitty that some of our larger chemical and/or energy producing zones make their whole region EXTREMELY vulnerable. The domino effect of a well placed explosion in one of them for the local towns and city's, especially those deep in the eye of the storm, aint far off that of a nuke in terms of inescapable loss of life. You could simulate the atmosphere of an inhabitable alien planet with one of those monsters. You'd think they'd at least issue us free gasmasks and oxygene cylinders. Least they could do considering their profits. But no, when it comes to it we'll just have to make do with towels to try and prevent our lungs collapsing. That's if we can find them after our eyeballs have melted.
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Latest update: 25 dead. 1,150 injured.
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