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Generative Typografie - experimental programmatic type and infographics (demos and text auf Deutsch)
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This would be drastically more interesting if one could actually use the programs, rather than listen to someone talk about them. I have to admit that right now I don't really get it.
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I'm with hoyland.
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I've seen some generative fonts before, I'm searching through the font sites I usually read via RSS but I can't find the demos I saw. There are some fonts that run as regular PostScript fonts, you can set type in them using any regular graphics program, but the fonts are dynamically generated in the PostScript RIP. You never quite know what you're going to get. Then I saw some other generative PostScript experiments, that changed the weight of a character depending on the adjacent characters. I'm looking all over for these but I'm drawing a blank (oops no pun intended). I'll keep looking.
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Okay, I'm sure this is NOT the font stuff I was looking for, but there appears to be a demo of generative font that you can play with at this site. It appears to be a Processing program, which I suspect is also used in the OP (I couldn't tell from his demos). It looks like you can poke the launch button and go to an interactive Java demo, but I couldn't get it to do much with just a few minutes of fiddling.

I think I found the site with the generative experiments but it's down at the moment, I can't search it. I'll post more if it comes back up and I find something.
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