Teahupo'o Code Red
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"At 7 a.m. Saturday morning the reports from the lineup were mixed. Big sets in the 20-foot plus range, some bigger ones and all on the verge of unsurfable. Tow-in crews who'd flown in from all over the world were sitting in the lineup watching the waves hit the reef and timing the sets. Meanwhile photographers and video crew were stuck on land arguing with government officials who had declared a "Code Red Alert" and shut down the channel leading to Teahupo'o."
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Those are some spectacular photos Ahab, thanks.
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Balls out, and not just for the wave height - there had to be little to no water covering most of that reef with breaks that big.
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Insane. I agree with the guy who said it makes him feel sick to see that wipeout.

The first time I learned about Teahupo'o was when Brice Taerea died there about ten years ago (the grizzley story was circulating on surf forums.) The reef there is just below the surface ... worse than Pipeline for danger ... and a crazy jacked up wave to boot. Someone back then said it was more like a waterfall than a wave.

Thanks for the post, Ahab -- good links.
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That wipeout in the end...no words.

Teahupo'o is always impressive, but this is the thickest, fastest and with the farthest reach I've ever seen. Yes, I realize that sounds raunchy. And believe me, I'm lying in bed, scared of it.
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I love to surf. I love the ocean. And still footage like that makes my testicles crawl up inside my body. When you fall, because of the wave speed, you fall UP. That's just not right.
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I grew up bodysurfing in the 4-foot wash on the North Shore while the big boys were riding boards farther out, and watching footage of Teahupo'o makes me want to hork.

Laird Hamilton on Teahupo'o.
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Wipeouts, in slow-motion HD – terrifying.
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Oops, sorry - missed the link
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Advice: Mute.
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Teahupo'o makes me ill. I love to surf, but I love my life more and I'm not that skilled a surfer.
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Eddie would go, I would stand on the beach with my stomach churning.
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Jesus. Those waves are a good 20 feet thick. That's insane.

Pic 7/16 in the gallery from that first link contains a surfer's bum; possibly NSFW. It is a bum worth getting fired for, though.
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I still don't understand how anyone can survive having so much water dropped on them.
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Most of the laws of physics and hydrology to not apply to that place, it seems.
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Jaw = dropped.

This makes me miss the ocean even more than I already did.
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I think it also helps if you're not a mere mortal, like the rest of us.
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The "some bigger ones" vid is jaw dropping. I've seen videos of taller waves being ridden, but I don't know if I've even seen anything that looked like it had that much speed and power.
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So, is anybody else seeing what I'm seeing?

At ~1 00 in on this video, it looks like Dear Morrison loses it and starts to fall off backwards, his back contacts the face of the wave which bounces him upright and he carries on and kicks out?
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Pic 7/16 in the gallery from that first link contains a surfer's bum

Thanks for the tip: I missed the bum the first time around, and it was definitely worth going back for.
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Super slo-mo HD footage. I seriously don't understand how this doesn't wind up being a snuff film.
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and I shouldn't be surprised if surfers trembled
before the mighty waves, the waves of Teahupoo.
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Whoa. That's just...messed.
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