Assuming they understand English
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ok I'll post it to facebook, I'm sure there must be some aliens in my timeline...
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"I'm not a witch..."
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Fuck you, Ze Frank.
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FAKE sped up and pitch shifted
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If it's a video, it's not a letter.
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am i ever going to get tired of spunky hollow-cheeked young men? I think not.
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Listen somebody has to take up Ze's mantle and it might as well be these guys.

Haters, per the usual protocol, should proceed to the left.
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Haters, per the usual protocol, should proceed to the left.

Haters, per the usual protocol, should just continue to hate. It's what they're gonna do, anyway....
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We should totally leave a comment/suggestions box on Mars where aliens can leave us annoyingly passive aggressive notes about how they're never coming back because the oceans were to grimy. I'm with The Whelk, I like the way this bespectacled hollow cheeked young man thinks.
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Listen somebody has to take up Ze's mantle and it might as well be these guys.

The vlogbrothers fully admit their debt to Ze Frank. Hell, this video has Hank encouraging viewers to watch Ze Frank, because "he's better than us." Hank, who is the brother who is speaking in the FPP's video, founded VidCon, a Youtube convention, and Ze was invited to speak in both 2010 and 2011.

(Why yes, I was going to post a vlogbrothers post sometime soon).
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The vlogbrothers are hardly new. Their first video is over 4 years old and they've been posting pretty continuously since then.
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My comment on the elderliness of the vlogbrothers isn't directed at the author of this FPP, but at the haters thereof.
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Fuck you, Ze Frank.

Exactly. That was the first fucking thing I thought about 2.3 seconds into this video.
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Ah, why the hell not. My vlogbrothers post, now with editorializing and WAY more background than would have been in any real post!

John Green is an author of 'young adult' books. His novel have won many award: Looking for Alaska (Printz Award); an Abundance of Katherines (Printz Award Honor Book); Paper Towns (Edgar [Allen Poe] Prize and a Corinne Literature Prize). His younger brother, Hank, has a bachelor's in biochemistry and a MA in environmental studies. He became a web designer and founded EcoGeek, one of the first--if not THE first--green technology blogs, and was a leader in the field on environmental technology news.

The brothers realized that they didn't know each other as adults, so challenged each other to a contest: avoid all textual communication for a year, instead vlogging to each other every weekday for an entire year, from January 1 to December 31, 2007. This was called Brotherhood 2.0.

Since then, John and Hank have developed quite the fanbase (called "nerdfighters").In part because of John Green's career as a young adult fiction writer, their fanbase skews young, so quite a lot of their videos are introductions to a subject (the political situation in Pakistan, Burma/Myanmar, Haiti's Poverty, quarks, the Egyptian revolution, probability, the french revolution [part 2, part 3], and finally blood), questions-and-answers (called "Question Tuesdays") directed at young people. Or more broadly, videos exhorting the young to think complexly about the world (often while giving one's own brother crap), why there is no absolute failure, and what being compassionate means.

More more mindless fun, the brothers would get--and still are--punished for breaking one of the rules. (Those are only the early punishments).

Since the beginning of the project, John published Paper Towns, a story in the anthology Let It Snow, and a book called Will Grayson, Will Grayson, co-authored with David Levithan. His most recent book, The Fault in our Stars, is due to be releases early 2012, and as a thank-you to his fans for making it hit #1 on, John is signing the enter first printing of the book.

Hank has co-founded a Youtube-based records label called DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome) Records, and put out four nerdy albums (the most recent of which, Ellen Hardcastle, made the Billboard charts). Hank is also the principal organizer of VidCon, a Youtube conference, which had approximately 2500 attendees in its second year.

Together, John and Hank created the Project for Awesome, in which the brothers (and their fans) take over youtube for a day in order to benefit charity. The last P4A, in December 2010, raised over $100 000 for charity, in raffle proceeds alone. They also annually celebrate Esther Day, in honour of a young fan of theirs who had died of cancer, and who wanted them to celebrate families every year on her birthday.
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I had already shared the FFP to the aliens on my friends list, but Thank You, flibbertigibbet for bringing the awesome to the post.
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I saw this and immediately felt guilty about how I failed to get it together to help flibbertigibbet with the post on the vlogbrothers we'd planned like . . . . 6 months ago? I guess I forgot to be awesome.

I think you should just make that a separate post, flib. It deserves more eyes.

Also, this alien thing made me love Hank Green even more.
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No guilt needed! I was just happy to find another nerdfighter.
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Am I the only one who was sort of horrified by the close up of his yellow teeth?
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I like it. I especially like his hand motions. He's the first person I have ever seen actually do as the rappers ask: He's throwing his hands in the air and shaking them like he just don't care.

It's just a good thing he didn't have Robert Webb as his director.
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Yes! Amen flibbertigibbet, these guys are awesome and people who just say "ze frank ripoffs" really are not giving them a chance. What they have really done is arguably just as awesome as ze - which is to take his basic shtick and expanded it into an insane empire of cute, inspirational, funny, adorable videos while creating a community of nerds and young-adult nerds that has done some incredible things and transformed lives.

So yeah, maybe they did start as a couple of brothers having fun on youtube posting videos that aped ze frank - but they have turned it into something a heck of a lot more cool than just that and people should respect that and enjoy what is an charming and consistent videoblog that is doing some crazy things. I mean just last week it was John Green's birthday, and his brother and viewers made him this as his birthday present. I mean how can you not fall in love with that?

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Am I the only one who was sort of horrified by the close up of his yellow teeth?

Uh, I actually thought, "My, those are some nice, straight white teeth. I wish my teeth were that white!"

No joke.
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what a strange coincidence! i just received a letter from the aliens this morning. it said, "commencing countdown, engines on".
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I'll check the ignition
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Your wife knows you love her.
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I loved this recent comment in the youtube "comments" section (btw, I didn't write it)
"Dear aliens,

"We laughed and cried at our crude depiction of you in E.T. (ur nickname), we blew you to hell in a violent trilogy in which you're slimy, acidic, and slightly abrasive, we fucked you in one of our vocal artist's songs, and entertained´╗┐ our kids with you as a small, smart, and round abomination in a land of curves and curls. We are a whole level of bat-shit insane that you don't want to mess with.

"That being said, we do have deep-fried butter on a stick. Come on over.


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