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SLYT The Brandt, Braur, Frick ensemble and Emika performing her song "Pretend".

No comment, other than it's in serious danger of replacing Les Tetes Raides jammed reading of Stig Dagerman's fantastic suicide-curious absurdist classic Vårt behov av tröst är omättligt on the top of my most beautifully laid back songs list.
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Which would of course be TĂȘtes Raides - Notre besoin de consolation... (Live)
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Um. You don't know what the "S" stands for, do you?
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He doesn't know how to use the three seashells!
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Um. Yes. Sublime.

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Um. You don't know what the "S" stands for, do you?

Sarcasm, obviously!
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I have a spot of trouble making out what she's singing, but have to say I enjoyed her vocals and really dug watching these guys play. They obviously know what they are doing.
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I really like her tracks "double edge" and "drop the other" - super spooky, slightly pained and haunting stuff --- has great potential. I must have listened to them hundreds of times. Hope she returns to that soon and gets a whole album out.
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I just listened to 'Surge - Emika Version" Amon Tobin on Spotify and thought it quite kicked ass.
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Ever since I heard the Bad Plus play Aphex Twin with acoustic instruments, I've felt that acoustic renderings of songs that began as electronic is really fertile ground. Thanks for posting this.
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I love Brandt Brauer Frick - just found out about them a couple weeks ago thanks to this video.

Emika is new to me, and (having listened to this live version of the same song without BBF), not as much my cup of tea. But big respect to both acts for this collision of styles.
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