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We've talked about throat singing on the Blue before, but Mongolia and Siberia aren't the only places where throat singing is practiced. In Tibet, an ancient collection of traditions called Bön keeps throat singing alive and well.

Some scholars*[PDF] say that Bön is the remnants of a pre-Buddhist religious tradition, while others say it’s merely a persistent selection of local beliefs that arose after Buddhism’s arrival. Either way, overtone singing is an integral part of their practice. Feast your ears on some cross-cultural sacred chant by listening to the eerie, beautiful recordings of a Moscow-based group of Tantric Voice singers. Perhaps one day you might even try it yourself.

*For a brief summary of Bön historical accounts, see page 7
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(After more than 5 years, my first post on the Blue! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.)
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This album, released a couple of days ago, features an American guy doing some pretty nice throat singing along with his cousin Kurt on instrumentals.
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Raquy and the Cavemen are a nice group that I stumbled upon while camping in West Virginia a couple of weeks ago. They absolutely blew my mind while I was umm, you know, looking at the stars man...
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Thank you WidgetAlley! I really appreciate this!
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