"If you know something, kill something."
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Paul Scheer of NTSF:SD:SUV and Human Giant addresses the most pressing question of our modern era: How Did This Get Made?
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Oh, I am definitely listening to the episode with Paul F. Tompkins. I really am.
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Oh, cool. Jordan Morris is on an episode. Thanks for this!
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I'm listening to the "Skyline" episode with Jordan Morris right now. That movie was so awful it enraged me.
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I have been enjoying the hell out of this podcast. The Smurfs one was especially great.
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The Quarter To Three movie podcast doesn't restrict themselves to bad movies, but they always begin with a "synopsis" of the movie by Kelly Wand that I find consistently hilarious. His parody summaries of A-Team, Prince of Persia, 30 Minutes or Less, and Hangover Part II are particularly good.

Synopses mostly start a minute or two into the podcast (the one for 30 Minutes or Less comes a bit later) followed by more earnest discussion of the movie and a weekly list such as 3 Best Scenes Shot Through Windows, 3 Favorite Character Introductions, 3 Comentary Tracks We'd Like to Hear, etc.
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Oh, hey, Jason Mantzoukas. I've met that guy. *bookmark*
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he had me at the Ridiculous Cage t-shirt - I know Cage gets love here on the blue but I have never understood the attraction or how to even see him as an artist - these guys confirm my honest confusion about it all.
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In case you (like me) gave this podcast a try when it first came out and found it too chaotic and rushed-seeming and to be fun, and so stopped listening: it seems to have gotten better. Starting at about episode 8 or 9, IMO.
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There's also The Flop House, which has two Daily Show peeps (three if you count their animal wrangler). Be sure to pick out the episodes with all three of the Original Peaches. Their surprising, best loved movie of so far? Not any Nicholas Cage or Katherine Heigl pap. It's Bratz.
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I very much enjoyed the review of Crank 2, although that may have been because it was basically The Many Faces of Being Hot for Jason Statham.
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The Battlefield Earth episode is their finest hour, IMO. This podcast can sometimes get a little... messy when too many people are talking at once, but Mantzoukas has an amazing voice and it's clear Scheer really does adore this crap. Their next movie is Gigli....
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Potentially rediculous question: If I've been studiously avoiding these kinds of movies, on the basis that I like myself, will I still be able to enjoy the podcast? I've heard good things but I'm not putting myself through Skyline just so I can follow along.
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Dang, I thought the only guy with a bigger front tooth gap than me was my dad.

In other news. I'll be watching each one of these.

Thanks for posting.
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Tomorrowful - I love this podcast and have seen almost none of the movies. For me, the thing that really makes it work is that Jason Mantzoukas's outrage about the movies seems so genuine. Actually, in some ways, it's better if you haven't seen them, because there's often a point where they start listing all the insane things they still haven't talked about, and that kind of catalog of absurdity is more fun when you don't know what's coming.
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Ditto what richard says: I've seen 0 of the movies but now feel like I know them. Paul Sheer is my hero: he manages to be really mean and incredibly positive and loving at the same time. I'm utterly addicted to these podcasts and hope they continue for a long time though I doubt they will. Another with a lot of potential on the Earwolf network is Professor Blastoff hosted by the brilliant Tig Notaro, though I wish they'd have a little more research and less wanton unscientific specaklatins.
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Sigh. I literally just wrote in my to-do list 'eliminate some podcasts' from my subscription.

*adds 'download quarter to three and how did this get made to next line*
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The Smurfs one and the Mac and Me one are priceless!
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While you're at Earwolf, I strongly recommend Sklarboro Country and Bob Ducca's Affirmation Nation as well (although I prefer his longer-form bits on other people's shows), as well as Comedy Bang Bang (renamed for some reason from Comedy Death Ray, and Aukerman's awkward-schtick may not be your cup of tea) and Who Charted?. They're doing good work over there.
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I thought my friends and I had made fun of every single stupid thing in the Green Lantern movie, but HDTGM managed to point out several glaring ones we didn't notice.

Thanks, Kitty Stardust. These folks are fun to listen to.
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