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For over 50 years, the BBC's From Our Own Correspondent has been an opportunity for reporters to share a bit of context, some relevant history, one or two of the characters encountered en route, some description of a foreign country or capital, in 5 or 10 minute segments. The program is available online in various formats: the weekly 30 minute version can be heard (in its entirety or individual segments) via the BBC website, or there are a wide variety of podcasting options available for those who prefer to download. Alternately, the BBC World Service daily 10 minute version can be heard online. For a different approach, the FOOC Archives have the past few years' worth of segments, sorted by geographical region.

One recent highlight was Rana Jawad's revelation (in her own voice) that she went underground during the uprising in Libya and that she is, in fact, Tripoli Witness, one of the main sources of information from the capital for the past few months. This story was later covered by NPR.
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FOOC is one of my podcast subscriptions, fantastic show and something the BBC should be truly proud of.
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Kate Adie *heart*

This show is a nice way to learn about lesser discussed place in the world. It provides some standout images too, like a yellow Lamborghini cruising back and forth over Nauru's single road.
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This is an awesome post, hippybear. Thanks. (And you're right; we don't have to talk about it. It's great either way.)
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This is the single best argument against the American Mainstream Media's "view from nowhere" policy. (Then again, when you're reporting "from nowhere", you're never in any danger, right?)
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Oh how I love FOOC.
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One of my favourites from a few years ago. Don't know if there's a podcast, but the transcript is pretty funny: It is always dangerous to think things cannot get much worse when they clearly can.
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