SLYT 'Feel Good, Inc' cover, now with more loops.
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A nice thing to start a Wednesday with. Also, I didn't know you could do so much with loops.
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Unbelievably cool. I'm going to get nothing done today while I get lost in her videos.
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Andrew Bird does this exceedingly well. Example
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You mean Andrew Bird does it well, with the help of Martin Dosh. Minneapolis, represent! All I know of this Minneapolis style I learned from The Fog, and their various off-shoots.
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Nope, I meant Andrew Bird does looping extremely well with or without the accompaniment of Dosh (I've seen Bird live with and without accompaniment and every time his music is exceedingly beautiful).

Bird solo

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The plate-spinning of loops never fails to amaze!

...but her phrasing kinda bums me out
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I'm not understanding how the looping is working. For example, at 5:00, I see her sing a measure/fragment into the mike, and then hear the same fragment repeated almost immediately, but I don't see her press any "playback" button or entering any kind of a control. It's amazing ... but what's this magician doing behind the scenes?
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Oh yes, you can do so much with loops. For more looping fun check out Reggie Watts, he does it all using only his voice, it's pretty sweet.
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this my favourite bit of looping.

mastamic in his kitchen.
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There was an interview on NPR yesterday with a cellist who does something similar.
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Thanks for that additional link, fieldtrip. Beautiful and superbly skilled.
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Imogen Heap
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The cellist is Zoe Keating and it is hard to overstate how beautiful her music is.
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KT Tunstall doing it live on Jools Holland
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Great voice, great talent!!

We need more guitar heroes doing their own productions with virtual equipment so when they actually meet up and jam in real life the next Led Zeppelin will be born. I applaud these young talents... now it`s just a matter of time!
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Howie Day launched his musical career with his unique, mesmerizing command of this art of live sample looping.

Keller Williams is also well-known for this type of looping style.

Jamie Woon, the up and coming dubstep/soup artist, Burial protege, also employs this technique, mostly just with his vocals.

Great link, btw.
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*soul artist, that is. I trademark "soup" as a musical genre!
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Animal Hospital.
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Son of Dave
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Amazing! However, this being the internet, I must point out that it's "Ha ha, ha ha ha" and not "Ah ah, ah ah ah".
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If you like looping, Dub FX is also amazing. And for good or ill, he explains how he's doing it.
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Astonishingly brilliant - I've done a little live-looping, and I'm absolutely in awe of how she stays so much in control of where all the different parts are, and which pedal will cut or restore which sections. It would also be a great cover even if she hadn't done it live-looped - the phrasing on the chorus annoyed me a little as well, but only because I'm familiar with the original.

(Cool Papa Bell - loopers can be set up in all sorts of ways, but at its simplest you can do it with one button that both starts and ends a loop. So you press it once, sing or play your bit, and then when you hit it again the length of time between those presses defines the length of the loop, and it immediately starts playing that bit repeatedly. You can also have it so that it's immediately recording again at that point, so anything you sing at that point will make it into the next time round the loop. Add buttons to switch recording on and off, and multiple tracks to keep different parts separate, and the sky's the limit.)
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damn nepotism though,

Why does she get all that opportunity just because her family is already in the business? Surely I should be a talented musical sensation without any effort too? Bloody middle class stealing our jobs
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16 years old ...skill. Do you reckon she'll be on X-factor soon?
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Kaki King doing a similar trick live on the radio.
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Given the recent anniversary, I am reminded that Freddie would do something similar live with The Prophet's Song. I think he only had a single loop though.
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