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"That shy mysterious poet Arthur Stace
Whose work was just one single mighty word
Walked in the utmost depths of time and space
And there his word was spoken and he heard
ETERNITY, ETERNITY, it banged him like a bell
Dulcet from heaven sounding, sombre from hell."
- Douglas Stewart
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I approve of this message.
posted by anigbrowl at 8:53 PM on September 11, 2011

Does no one appreciate the irony that it was written in the least eternal of media?
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Or that the former lead singer from Machine Gun Fellatio was in the opera about his life?

I love this guy because he's yet another potential Unknown Armies Adept. I should write him up... he's definitely an Urbanomancer. I wonder if you can get a posthumous Major Charge...
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This is hilarious. From the link:

He had some problems. There was a fellow who followed him round and every time he wrote ETERNITY this other character changed it to MATERNITY.
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