just plain wrong
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just plain wrong
posted by tsarfan (18 comments total)
Just plain fake. (Yeah, I know I'm pointing out the obvious...)
posted by MegoSteve at 9:19 PM on September 22, 2001

Hm ...

Oh well.
posted by a11an at 9:21 PM on September 22, 2001

Sick humor is best.
First laugh I've had in days.
posted by Hima Otsubusu at 9:35 PM on September 22, 2001

they are breeding
click refresh if you get a 503 error
posted by machaus at 9:41 PM on September 22, 2001

Wow, what a waste of CPU cycles that render job was...
posted by hincandenza at 9:49 PM on September 22, 2001

just "plane" wrong.

oooooh. i get it.
god bless homophones.
posted by ronv at 9:57 PM on September 22, 2001

It's times like these when I wonder what depresses me more....
posted by dopamine at 10:40 PM on September 22, 2001

thanks, tsarfan! I was raised to whistle thru a graveyard & I know about med students' humor & paramedics' humor & I needed that. The appalling *absence* of black humor has been scaring me all this week. rony: "plane" wrong doubled it for me. thanks, too
posted by realjanetkagan at 10:54 PM on September 22, 2001

Whoa, dude you were WAY overclothed for such a nice warm September morning in NYC. You must've been sweatin bullets even BEFORE the big fire.
posted by HTuttle at 11:02 PM on September 22, 2001

This is more black humor. Its a mock of a children's animated teaching flick featuring the tragedy as the subject. I laughed when I first saw it, but felt really guilty aftewards.
posted by alex3005 at 11:28 PM on September 22, 2001

There is a guilty pleasure to be had in the first one with the tourist, ('cuz the guy's sort of goofy looking in a Let's Go Backpacking Europe sort of way) but the "they are breeding" one...I actually felt a shudder when I saw it. I'm not trying to flame machaus for posting it, but it was quite a sight to see if you have an overactive imagination.
posted by Jack Torrance at 11:45 PM on September 22, 2001

Obviously fake on so many levels, but I did get a laugh out of it. Heck, it's not like it'll magically never have happened if I don't laugh.

I'm sure someone here can come up with a better fake than that!

For others who need a laugh there's a related but incidental news juxtaposition instance on ntk.net which is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

posted by clevershark at 1:04 AM on September 23, 2001

Oh good. So, anyway, you know they're having problems identifying the victims - well, normally they'd use dental records, but since all Americans have perfect teeth...

(ok, it's weak, but it's all I've heard, and someone has to fix the formatting)
posted by andrew cooke at 2:15 AM on September 23, 2001

eh? on preview that worked.
posted by andrew cooke at 2:16 AM on September 23, 2001

I can only concur with realjanetkagan that this show of appallingly bad taste is somehow reassuring. The unwillingness to look at this horrendous attack from other angles is what upsets me most about the handling of the aftermath. I am off course not only hinting to the 'black humor' perspective but also the 'what can we do that will not commit other people to hatred' - perspective. Although I did not find the 3d-scene funny at all - I breathe more easy now that I know it is out there. Hopefully other perspective shifts will follow.
posted by FidelDonson at 4:20 AM on September 23, 2001

How do you guys find this stuff? I must use the wrong search engines or really crappy search strings.

Not that I *want* to find this sort of stuff, but really...(!!)
posted by misangela at 10:16 AM on September 23, 2001

wait. did someone above just say homophone?
posted by quonsar at 7:31 PM on September 23, 2001

dude, a warning for links like that quonsar. I feel dirty.
posted by th3ph17 at 2:04 PM on September 24, 2001

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