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The Midnight Show riffs on Twilight and advertises cars while giving NSFL advice and teaching us how to love our dogs, but not our children. Most importantly they keep us safe with their PSAs
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IMMORTAL DOG! is pretty great, too.
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In the car ad *Spoiler*

...the shooter seems to aim exclusively for the balls. Nice touch.
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Immortal Dog cracked me up. Thanks, I need a laugh.
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Previously on metafilter
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And one of their writers is a reader here! Hello, everyone, I'm the girl in the PSA car, who wrote that video, the Twilight piece, French Kissing for Dogs, How Can We Have Sex, and Immortal Dog! I'm very, very happy to see the videos posted here; Metafilter is my favorite place to read the web.
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Faithless327, those sneakers are just the kind a grown woman would wear driving 60 down a busy city street.

These are funny stuff.
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