Of course it has the Keswick Pencil Museum
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Nerdy Day Trips aims to bring you the best in disused power stations, abandoned nuclear bunkers, lighthouse museums and solar observatories from around the world.
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Worth mentioning that Ben Goldacre of Bad Science fame is behind this site, and users can contribute their own nerdy day trips.
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Neato! Sadly, I've been to all the ones near me...
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Please don't ever mock the Keswick Pencil Museum. It represents my formative years; every summer spent in a caravan near Derwentwater, playing Kerplunk! while the rain hammered down on the roof, blocking out the sounds of the Saturday afternoon wrestling coming from a black and white portable TV jerry-rigged to a car battery.
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Northern California seems strangely lacking. And the ones that ARE there aren't really that nerdy, they're just common tourist traps.
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Wow, I JUST learned about the Keswick Pencil Museum last night in a discussion of, essentially, nerdy tourist attractions.
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They've got Whitelee Windfarm in totally the wrong place.
(and, if you're willing to have a wee hike across forest roads, the nearby National Wind Turbine Test Centre on Myres Hill is much more interesting, if more remote and unattended.)
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They've got Whitelee Windfarm in totally the wrong place.

It won't let me edit the location that I added, so some inaccuracy is probably going to creep in.

I'd email them about it, but the only provided support addess is a twitter account.
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A few things are in the wrong place, unless Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum has been moved to the middle of Lake Ontario.
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Only two nerdy trips in all of India?
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On the content: the site's bsed in the UK and relies on user contributions, and it's still in development, and Goldacre only started publicising it yesterday, so don't be too surprised that it hasn't got many sites outside the UK and Europe yet.
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Rudston Monolith! We actually stopped on the way to York and wandered up to it once. Now we just sort of wave at it as we go past. Well, really someone just shouts 'Rudston Monolith!'
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Last year I took my son to Bratislava for his birthday. Unfortunately we missed the Museum of Gas Production, so I cant tell you anything about it.
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Wow. The southeast United States is just kind of sad...
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Well, in an area lacking in sufficient places (even if it includes the Holy of Holies, aka, CERN), you managed to miss the zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany (on Lake Constance). Oh, I suppose the Verkehrshaus Museum should be on there, in Luzern. And that's just a couple places I've been.
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