This is why America can't not have a postal system.
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Floating Worlds is a new book detailing the never-before-seen correspondence between illustrator Edward Gorey and author Peter F. Neumeyer, who collaborated on three children’s books between September 1968 and October 1969. During that period, they regularly sent each other letters and postcards, many of which Gorey embellished with illustrations.

These are the three books on which they collaborated: Why We Have Day and Night, Donald and the..., and Donald Has a Difficulty.
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It's so nice to see the non-gothic side of Gorey. We visited the Gorey House on Cape Cod when it was 5 minutes before its closing time and I wish there were more time to take photos of his drawings.
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Oh, I love Edward Gorey - this is wonderful. No matter how long I read his books, it's always vaguely baffling to me how he can imbue a few scratches with a pen with such distinct personality.
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Looks gorgeous. Thanks flyingsquirrel!
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Those illustrations on the envelopes are fantastic. It's inspired me to start doing the same on the backs of my personal correspondence.

NARRATOR: Sadly, subbes has no personal correspondence to embellish.
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Wonderful. Please consider this as on my Christmas wish list.
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Subbes, get a penpal STAT.

My mouse pad features a Gorey sketch. I bought it last year at the Huntington Library-- they were having a Gorey festival.

I often beat myself up for not buying more of his books when they came out. I only have a few and now they are so expensive. They are timeless and charming and unexpected. Mr. Gravy, who shares my Gorey love, will be unwrapping this book on Christmas morning.
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Oh these are wonderful.
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