Warner-Lambert Withdraws Diabetes Pill Rezulin
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Warner-Lambert Withdraws Diabetes Pill Rezulin
Imagine how it feels hearing this news about six hours after my doctor told me "After looking at your latest liver test, you'd better stop taking the Rezulin, and come in for more tests."
For the record, I was aware of the potential risks before I & my doc started it, and have been doing regular liver tests all along; before my last test, I had noted to doc that I was getting more symptoms of out-of-control diabetes, even though frequent monitoring showed the blood sugar numbers were always IN control, and I was ready to ask for a change to one of the newer drugs... when my latest refill runs out. I'd always assumed that by the time the FDA acts on it it'll be too late, and I am very interested in the official FDA non-position on the safety of the newer drugs...
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Thank god I never was prescribed this pill. I have diabetes and I take Avandia. I have tight control over mine.

The FDA really needs to think up a better system when it comes to testing and approving new drugs. Stories like this are being coming more and more common.

It isn't people's health that drives drug companies to create new products, it is money, and the risk of side-affects takes a back seat to money. Look at phen-phen.
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i have had terrific success with prandin and glucophage in tandem with diet and exercise...no side effects at all except the occasional low blood sugar reaction...

posted by centrs at 10:40 AM on March 23, 2000

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