Mimes speak!
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Mime is an art. Mime is a craft. Mime is movement as complex as moonwalking, or as simple as nodding one's head to say yes. Often I've heard mime defined as non-verbal communication. (a negative term) I prefer to define it simply: Mime is visual communication. The basic techniques of Mime are explained by YouTube videos....

  • The Wall: The Wall was invented by Tony Montanaro, although there may have been walls before.
  • Lifting stuff, or how to portray the influence of mass.
  • Walking. Walking is difficult, but with effort it can be done in many ways: Sure, you know the moonwalk, did you know it was invented by Charlie Chaplin? Or maybe it was invented a minute or so into this video. That's not the point. Mime walking is a special art. Here are five people mime walking: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I'm not sure I got that last link right.
  • Climbing a ladder. This is difficult enough to do without PhotoShop, but then even old mimes like Marcel Marceau have trouble going up stairs.
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Shit, I hit the "Post" button when I meant to Preview. Anyway, ultimately I meant to include a link to the this Previous: Why do people hate mimes?
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Shit, I hit the "Post" button when I meant to Preview.

Hey... I tried!
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What changed my mind about mime as an art.

Because if an art cannot engage and entrance, if it cannot evolve and change, it's not worth much as art.
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Situation's changed, Jed. Hand me my mime rifle.
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Hey... I tried!
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Yeah, well, I was only halfway done with the editing process. It's kind of interesting to throw a random mistake into the mix though. But again, yeah, it shouldn't be a design feature.
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When I was in college, I became a groupie of the campus mime company. Can't remember why, now, though a crush on a member or two is probably behind it. I went from attending shows, to learning to run a light board, to a show during which I ran, yes, SOUND for the mime company. I just loved telling people "I ran sound for a mime company." Sound was actually a really important element - since the performers couldn't talk, voiceovers and music became much more important.

On a road trip, someone from another performing group asked me something about the sound equipment in the theater (I was running lights that time) and I said "Sorry, I'm with the mime company," meaning, "I'm not familiar with this place." They responded "Oh! I'm sorry," blushed, and scurried off. I'm still not sure whether they felt sorry for me working with the mimes, or were embarrassed that they asked a mime company person about sound.

They actually did some pretty cool dramatic pieces, as well as a lot of funny bits. They also knew how to poke fun at themselves. One of the pieces they did was called "Mimes Anonymous" - "It started with simple things - a few walls, walking against the wind. But soon I was making entire boxes!"

Anyway, fond memories.
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I meant to include videos for pulling on a rope (Terry Lin), this person, or this Black woman.

An incredible amount of thought goes into a post like this. It's not just about pulling a rope.
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Well, I screwed up. But please do have a look at Black Woman Mime. For example, going up stairs, trapped in a box, gettin' paid.
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Clowns Vs Mimes
The link above goes to the 1992 Bobcat Goldthwait film, Shakes the Clown.

"I like Shakes the Clown. Haven't you heard? It's the Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies!" - Martin Scorsese.

Sorry, all you mimes out there, I could not resist.
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Sorry, all you mimes out there

The Union of Mimes has no comment.

I'll be silent now. Thank you all, I'll be here all week.
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"The Union of Mimes"

Now that's the silent majority!
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What changed my mind about mime as an art.

Less mime, more manzai!
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Less mime, more manzai!

Man, those jackets are killer. Not to mention that microphone.
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Man, those jackets are killer. Not to mention that microphone.

And if I'm not mistaken, that's a young Beat Takashi on the left.
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Never again will I talk shit about mimes.

Or, indeed, vice versa.
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Mime is a craft

You could call it Mimecraft
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Less mime, more manzai!
Standup comedy is 1000 years old?

Also- Mime is money
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It wasn't until I saw the fantastic 1945 flick "Children of Paradise" that I realized that mimes could, in theory, be awesome.

Check this out.
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Sadly there are no good compilations of Mime Time on YouTube, so you'll have to make do with this lower-quality one.
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Havelock Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, is (in)famous for rarely, if ever, being known to have innocent people just dragged off to dungeons without a trial: The notable exception to this rule are mime artists, whom Vetinari despises. Vetinari banned all mime performances from Ankh-Morpork shortly after taking power. Mime artists who violate the ban usually find themselves hanging upside down in Vetinari's scorpion pit whilst reading a sign saying 'learn the words'.
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I guess there are worse things than street mime.
Also: obligatory

Just funnin' with you, twoleftfeet - great post.
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I could probably watch Terry Lin for hours. She seems to define lithe.
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My husband was friends with Tony Montanaro and also studied with him. Tony was also an artist and we have a little picture he gave him, of two theater masks, hanging in our dining room.
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I clicked through to these and turned the sound up so I could hear better. It took me a few seconds of wondering why there was no sound before I remember that oh, right, that's kind of the point.
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If for nothing else, mime should earn some respect because without it (specifically, without Shields and Yarnell), we would not have breakdancing.
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I certainly wouldn't want to live in a world without breakdancing.
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I saw Marcel Marceau perform before he died. I know mimes are supposed to be the punchline to many jokes, but it was possibly the most moving and wonderful performance of fine art I have ever experienced.
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+1 for Les Enfants du Paradis
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Robert Shields in some very early footage on the streets of San Francisco. Note the endorsement from Red Skelton...a true honor indeed!
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I was an all-state mime in high school.

In Iowa see we had this thing called 'Speech.' But because it was Iowa it wasn't like giving speeches...it was sort of avant garde-ish theater stuff - improv, choral reading, reader's theatre, and yes - group and individual mime.

When I went out for speech, I wanted to be in choral reading. It was the 'cool' thing to be in, insofar as it was cool to be in speech. But I was put into group mime. I nearly quit. Really, mime? I told the drama teacher. She sat me down on the stairs and gave me one of those talks about not quitting and sometimes life means doing things you don't really want to and not to give up on something before you've tried it.

So I found myself learning, writing and performing mime with a mime partner that was selected for me. That first year, we became the first group from my high school to make all-state for group mime. Our mime was called "Escape," and, set to music by the Squirrel Nut Zippers, featured us escaping from adjacent jail cells to the warden's office where we ate his donuts and escaped back into our cells.

It was really fun and really rewarding, and I continued to do it and my love for mime remains to this day. I also don't knock things until I try them anymore.

The end.
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