Do They Like Miles Davis?
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Oh, my. These cows are ready to do the Charleston (with some practice, perhaps). These curious cows are only mildly skittish and love to exercise. Some light fun for a Saturday afternoon.
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Get Along Little Dogies
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I'd suggest some Sun Ra but cows don't do free very well.
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Hee. I love it. I always knew cows were music lovers.
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I guess that busts the Chinese saying that playing music to a cow is useless because they can't appreciate it (對牛彈琴).
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I wonder if the milk is better.
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Thank you for the excuse to post this again.
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What, you don't think cows would react to having a couple of horns pointed at them?
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Ah, cows. I think people are always surprised how curious well-behaved cattle are, and how they're always happy to assume any given human may be bearing some hay, or molasses, or pellets. We always had cattle when I was a kid, and these videos bring back three memories:

1) One of our milking cows, Buttercup and her daughter Rosie, would be so excited at the arrival of the truck into the paddock (to keep a cow still while milking them, you often give them a treat like molasses or pellets) that they would start frolicking like young calves, jumping about, gambolling, and kicking their legs up in the air. It was so cute to watch.

2) Our >1 tonne bull, Simi (short for his breed, simmental). A whopping, giant of an animal that stood taller than almost everyone in our family but was hand-raised from a calf. He would lumber towards anyone inside the fence in a thunderous gallop. It was quite scary (even friendly bulls are a lot more ornery than most steers or cows) but then - meek as a lamb - this behemoth would stuck sucking gently on your fingers with his raspy tongue and nuzzling his giant, Minotaurean head against you - irresistibly ticklish.

3) As teens looking to get drunk without parental awareness, we often organised "camping" expeditions in some of our paddocks. I remember one time walking down to the lower paddock - I was last because I was carrying the bulk of our firewood, and I see my friends sprinting back up the hill towards me. I'm thinking their must be an aggressive snake like a taipan or something on the path; I was honestly kind of confused. One lone friend is left standing on the path, frozen.

"What's going on?" I shout. "There's cattle charging us! I'm not going down there!" my frozen pal replies.

Knowing how unusual it would be to have a group of cattle charging at you (loners are far more suspicious!) I drop the wood and head down. Sure enough, there's a group of about twenty cattle aimiably trotting towards us. I reach down and pluck out some bullrush, and offer it to the first one who reaches me, while my friends are all cowering up the hill.

The cow in question eagerly munches on the bullrush, joy turning to disappointment as she realises it's not the delicious hay they've obviously been getting hand fed with recently. My friends were so terrified of these puppy dogs! Hilarious!

Far out, I miss the country sometimes. If it wasn't for the narrow-minded bigots, lack of diversity, the cultural and gastronomic desert, geographical isolation and terrible employment options, I would be back there in a second. The smell of fresh kikuyu grass is one I miss.
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Bovines are only dangerous when:

1)You encounter a sexually excited mature bull
2)You get between a mother and her calf
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Bovines are only dangerous when:

3) They step on you by accident
4) kick because they are startled of upset
5) accidentally crush you against a wall or something

Cattle are really big; they don't have to be trying to hurt you to hurt you. Basically, do not mess with cattle unless you know what you are doing.
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Love the one hipster cow in the back that's like, ah hell, not more of this Dixieland crap. How about some Miles Davis?
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And then I noticed the post title.

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Huh, whoda thunk cows would chase a remote controlled car and look like they're having fun. So cool.

Ok, adding to the unexpected combo, these old chestnuts, this horse playing with a ball. Another one. Tiger cubs and pumpkins.

And in the music department: Beluga grooves to Mariachi | Frostie digs rock | sillibiz. No, seriously.
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The illusory cow
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