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Mike Daisey, monologuist, author and gadfly, will be streaming the live performance of his 24 hour monologue, All Hours of the Day, from 6 PM PST today until 6 PM PST tomorrow. He remains cagey about what precisely the show is about, but early reports indicate that bacon will be involved.

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Daisey discusses the origin of the project, along with his breaking the scandal associated with Apple's labor practices in Foxconn, China in this C-Span interview.
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Lord, I love Mike Daisey. He tends to premiere his monologues at Woolly Mammoth Theatre here in DC. I get to see the premieres, and then the finished product when he comes back half a year or so later. It's really interesting to see the changes in what he produces over that period.

For instance, I saw The Last Cargo Cult as a premiere. It was long, and there were a few funny stories and bits that didn't really contribute to the overall story or the themes he was trying to get across. I liked it, but it was definitely a rough work in progress, and as a massive fan I was tempted to email him my thoughts. I didn't because I felt that would have been mighty presumptuous of me. When he came back to Woolly eight or so months later, the show was tightened up, and basically he made all the changes I would have suggested, as well as reworking some of the wording and the timing.

I saw the premiere and another show of The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, and it broke my heart both times.

He's truly a master at what he does, and I make a point of seeing him every time I can when he is town, as I have for the last four years or so. He's funny, he's mesmerizing, and he can be really powerful. If you ever have a chance to see one of his monologues, please do so, it's well worth your time.
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I flew from Buffalo to Portland to see this one. I've been a fan of his work, through Audible, for years, but being able to travel for theater is a pretty recent development for me.
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The waves of jealously that are radiating from me as I study for the GREs are physically palpable.
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I am amazed and astounded and entertained and educated and electrified and confused and inspired by this monologue, which has not yet begun.
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Mike Daisey is absolutely a treasure. I've seen him three times (in three different cities, as it happens), and he has floored me every time.

I saw Monopoly at Bumbershoot in Seattle five years ago, and had no idea what it was; my friend picked it out of the program, and since he was humouring me by even attending the festival, I felt obligated to go. It followed half a dozen threads, it was two hours and it was just totally compelling. More powerful because I had no expectations, and it just blew my mind over what one person could do in such a simple performance -- nothing but the man and a few notes.

I saw How Theatre Failed America at the Woolly Mammoth, and it struck me as just one of the smartest things and most honest things about theatre I've ever seen. And The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs just left me on the verge of tears.
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This is really great.
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Just wondering...I'm sure people have, say, played piano for 24 hour...I could do it with 5 minute breaks per hour...but has anyone ever talked for pretty much a day? Sorry, I can't hang with him for 24 hours, but I am impressed. I'll be back after the usual Homo Sapiens' 8 hour sleep cycle.
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I did intend to sleep tonight...
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Kozard -- Strom Thurmond did, filibustering the 1957 Civil Rights Act. So far, I prefer Daisey's work.
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He's taking breaks, but it's still astonishing.
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I've seen Mike twice and would do anything to see him again. He's covering Phillip K. Dick now.
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OMG. Lost signal! What does it mean, lost signal! *flails*
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Warren Zevon meets Tim Powers, now.
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He started by bringing out a bottle of vodka and a handgun. He's talked about Warren Zevon, Walt Disney and Philip K. Dick.

The video is a single shot of him, but apparently there is now, out of the frame, an attractive matched pair, male and female, of well dressed vegans cooking entire tables of bacon.

It's interesting, because there are bits and pieces I remember from other pieces of work he's done, interwoven with the main story.
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Still up at 3:45 pm and can't. stop. watching.
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I'm here in the audience. Been here for almost 14 hours so far. It's very surreal as an audience member. While Daisey is fantastic, staying awake is a real challenge, just because his voice can be so hypnotic. His delivery can be positively Keillor-esque, and for me, this has made everything after hour 8 a real battle against dozing.
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Are you still there, bruceo? How's the mood in the room?
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A fire alarm has woken the crowd up quite a bit.
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@memewit: Still here. The mood is mixed. Only 20% of the house stuck through all night. These folks are fighting fatigue. But now about 50% have returned, and they are all chipper. Pica has done a bunch of cool intermission antics: donuts, s'mores, yoga have all kept spirits up.
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It was worth it- even as a remote experience. Missed about 4 hours, but still a once-inna-lifetimer.
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Well worth doing. Though I generally register "Don't Let Us Get Sick" as a sharp kick in the soul.
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