3D liquids
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Vladimir Jankijevic is a technical oriented artist at ‘Elefant Studios’ in Zürich. Here’s are his Various Fluid Experiments, Walts Rubber Mask, The Osiris project. His Vimeo channel includes other silent shorts. More examples of the Lagoa Multiphysics Simulation Software. His website

(I have no idea what the above means, or how it works)
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Trisect a human body? Yeah, we can do that too.
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CG is such a dead art that I'm not sure if this shows talent or not.
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I don't know if these are intended to be creative shorts. They look like animation tests to me. Software for modeling and animating 3D objects is often collected into software suites — SoftImage, 3dstudio, Maya, Cinema4D, and so on. They include tools for both rigid-body and soft-body animation. The first refers to animated behavior where the object maintains its shape, and the second refers to animated behaviors where the object deforms — as if under the effect of gravity, or viscosity, or wind, or whatever. On the more advanced end, most or all software suites include tools for animating cloth, smoke, other particle effects, hair, crowds, and so on.

Although the animation tools provided as part of 3D suites are highly advanced and intended to be comprehensive, dedicated software is also available. For example, extremely demanding, complex, or photo-realistic physics simulation might require a specialized tool like RealFlow. Just watching their demo reel makes me hungry.

Animating anything, especially objects with complicated physics, is really fun, but also really time consuming and labor-intensive. You can generate a lot of very evocative behaviors, like the animator above did. I would hesitate to call 3D animation a "dead art." I'm not even sure what that means.

(I apologize for inaccuracies. I haven't looked into 3D animation in a few years.)
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CG is such a dead art that I'm not sure if this shows talent or not.

<sarcasm>Yeah, CG was so much cooler before it got popular.</sarcasm>

I'm just going to go ahead and say that these videos are really cool. I'm really impressed by how the liquids seem to have some actual turbulence around the edges (which I've read has been a real sticking point in realistically and efficiently rendering fluids).

I think that the way that artists (and I would definitely call this person an artist) embrace new technology is always interesting. I was at an open house for a creative space and incubator today, and there was an artist there who created this amazing procedurally designed lamp made of dozens of laser-cut paper scales, that could puff up like a blowfish if you pulled a string (and was getting ready to have a heat sensor, stepper motor, and Arduino installed so that it could do that automatically whenever someone got close). Sure, that was a very physical piece — but the same rendering technology that lets people do interesting things with fluid modeling led to its creation. So yeah, these videos are great.
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I liked it, very cool colors and shapes.
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