Noah Lewis, blowin' that harp
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The year was 1929, and Noah Lewis was blowing the hell outta the harmonica.

He did a bit of singing as well, with his buddies in Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers, down Memphis way. Here's the Noah Lewis Wikipedia page.

If you like what Noah does, you might also take a shine to DeFord Bailey.
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You know, Noah Lewis and Gus Cannon are among the roots of the Grateful Dead. New Minglewood Blues... you know.
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I gonna start every day with "Like I Want To Be" from now on.

Just me bopping around the bathroom, straight razor in hand, while the sauerkraut bubbles in the barrel in the hall.

Great stuff.
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This harmonica solo by Tucson-based musician Tom Walbank is far and away one of the most amazing things I've ever seen onstage. And I work in entertainment, and spend most of my life backstage.

(Disclaimer: Mark Growden, who's leading the band in the second half of this video, is a dear friend of mine.)
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Love it, thanks for posting!
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Noah Lewis was a hell of a harmonica player, but he could sing too! He takes the lead vocal here on Going to Germany.
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Thank you for this post, fam. A few clicks away from "Devil in the Woodpile" was this which has been my favorite recording for 50 years. I never knew who the piano player was, and now I know. Thanks. Metafilter rules.
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