The USSR's War and Peace
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An 8 hour radio dramatization of Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman is being broadcast by the BBC. Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant star.

Soviet writer Vasily Grossman's epic 1960 novel set during the Battle of Stalingrad (previously on MeFi) is considered a masterwork of Russian literature comparable to Tolstoy's War and Peace but was banned in the USSR until 1988.

(The radio drama is also available as a series of free podcasts, each downloadable for 30 days both in the UK and anywhere else in the world).
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Aha, I was going to post this. Thanks for doing so!
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The book is freakin' fantastic, definitely worth reading if you have any interest in the Eastern Front of WWII. Grossman was an eyewitness to the whole war from the initial German invasion to the fall of Berlin and the immediacy of the story is incredible.
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Life and fate is a tremendous book. One problem, however, is that it is the sequel of For a just cause, where the large cast of characters and their complex relationships are first introduced. For a just cause ends in a cliffhanger and Life and fate starts in media res without explaining the characters and their story arcs. It's a little confusing and the innumerable diminutive forms of Russian names do not help... I hope that this BBC adaptation provides an elegant solution to this. For a just cause is a good book, btw. Of course it is not subversive like its sequel, it's loaded down with Socialist Realism (the heroic kolkhoz worker...) and one has to fill the gaps concerning the Great Purge. But the main characters are as lively as in the sequel and the war scenes, notably the ones describing the German invasion and the ensuing panic, are mightily impressive. It also really helps to understand Life and fate from a narrative perspective and also because of Grossman's personal path between both novels.
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Awesome possum! I've tried to get through Life and Fate a couple of times. Maybe this will help!
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I've read Grossman's memoirs of the war. Stunning. I will absolutely read Life and Fate.
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I discovered this last night. Really looking forward to listening to the podcasts.
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If you're going to listen to this, I warn you that every night this week I've gone into the kitchen to find my wife in tears after listening to it. I've just avoided it altogether on the grounds that I'm feeling a bit fragile at the moment.
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I'm seven episodes in (not having read the book) and it's just incredible. The BBC have done something very special here. Extraordinary.
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Late to the party here, but боже мой is this amazing. Thank you.
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