Jean Paul Gaultier
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"Jean Paul Gaultier's World of Inspiration" - a profile by Susan Orlean

In addition to designing the cone bra corset worn by Madonna on her Blond Ambition tour, Gaultier designed the costumes for The Fifth Element and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.
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If you just need to hear 22 minutes of joy, volubility and charm, try this Q interview with Gaultier from March of this year. (Well, he doesn't really join the interview until about 4 minutes in, so feel free to scroll ahead.)
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autumn 2011 / winter 2012
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nice. thanks
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He's such a genius. His ideas sometimes take years, or even decades, to trickle down into the vernacular, but they always do eventually.
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arrg the ehibition is only going to be in montreal untl the 2nd, and there's no way I can go. pout.

great article, thanks. I wish I could swan around looking like something out of the Fifth Element every day.
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I think he also did costumes for The City of Lost Children. I bought a sweater of his at a thrift store recently, even with some holes, and this makes me like it even more.
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