Extraordinary violinist Isaac Stern dead at age 81
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Extraordinary violinist Isaac Stern dead at age 81 An abridged biography can be found here. As a casual listener, I mourn his death and hope that the gap this has left in music education can be filled.
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Isaac Stern brought both music and compassion to the world. He saved a great symbol of New York, Carnegie Hall, something for which I am grateful in these trying times. He will be sorely missed.
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I know jpoulos HATES these RIP threads, but in the midst of the din about the WTC attacks, this particular story did not get the level of attention in the media it deserved.

Carnegie Hall's website pays tribute to Stern (and rightly so), and offers some history of the place which came to be so closely identified with him. It's a nifty site, with a lot of historical info.
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