Team Clonc: BMXers on Bromptons
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Team Clonc demonstrate the correct way to ride your Brompton bicycle.
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Every time a bell rings and angel get his wings. That was fun, thanks!
posted by JohnFredra at 7:50 AM on September 22, 2011

Nice. They seem to be in the UK so some uk hiphop might have been more appropriate. Or maybe they were trying to make something of the Compton/Brompton thing?
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I seem to remember that 'Straight Outta Compton' was on the soundtrack to a couple of old-school BMX vids from the 90s, maybe one of the Eddie Roman ones with Mat Hoffman?
At least I definitely remember that 'You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge' line.
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I could play that video all day just on the strength of the backing track being the instrumental version of N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton.
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I really should have put a bell on my BMX bike.
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From the Brompton FAQ:
We stipulate that the bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 110kgs; that is the equivalent to 242 lbs.

Guess that I'm not buying a Brompton.
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I wonder what momentary weight equivalent the bike experiences when a 70 kg guy does some of the drops that they're doing in that video.
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Watching the video I kept thinking, "meh," but then I remembered these are folding bikes, and that one time my friend's front wheel came off in the middle of a jump.

Rock on, Clonc.
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I was wondering the same thing, George_Spiggott. Those bikes just don't seem like they'll take that kind of abuse for very long. I suspect they're either reinforced somehow or go through a lot of repairs.
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I find it endearing that the bell gives a little triumphant trill at the apex of each trick. Like the bike is all excited to be doing something distinctly un-commuter-ish.

Anyone that points out it is just the bell rattling as they land has no soul.
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All but one of these tricks were done with the rear triangle tied. Back wheel tends to overtake you if you bunnyhop an untied brommie.
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Hah, hadn't noticed that scruss. New ones have some sort of latch to keep the rear triangle in place (which makes life a lot easier if you're trying to haul them up steps) but it's probably not the sort of thing you'd want to trust jumping down a set of steps.
The forks on one of the bikes look pretty well bent to me, get the feeling one of the lads might be in for some remedial dental work in the near future.
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They seem to be in the UK so some uk hiphop might have been more appropriate.

I'm not sure uk hip hop is ever appropriate. Kinda hilarious video though.
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Some UK hip hop is always appropriate (NSFW - language).
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>> I find it endearing that the bell gives a little triumphant trill at the apex of each trick.

That was my favorite part. In my head I heard Achievement Unlocked! after every ding.
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Say the guy weighs 135lbs, or about 63.5kgs, and he goes off a drop of 0.5m. The frame, wheel, and tire flex is generous at 100cm, that's an impact force of ~3.1kN, or about 697 pounds of force.

That's an impact load, and not a static load, and that's also taking a WAG at the flex of everything. If the guy is good with his knees and elbows, that force is less.
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conversion error, 135lbs is about 61kg, but i'm in the ball park
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I have, and regularly ride, a Brompton. I am also a mechanical engineer. In my opinion, the boilerplate regarding max. weight is extremely cautious. While some of the ancilliaries (pedals, handlebar, saddle tube) are on the flimsy side, the frame itself is built like a tank. I've already had one spectacular spill and the bike was pretty much intact (my suit, watch, phone, hands, elbows, legs, not so much). It has also fallen (folded) down some stairs without damage.

What's impressive in the video is that the riders manage to do such jumps, because the sturdiness of Bromptons comes at a price: they are surprisingly heavy. For somebody who regularly uses one, that video looks, above all, exhausting.
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I read that as 'Team Colonic' and imagined a very different bike-riding instructional video.
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Imagine how interesting that footage would be if those riders had a Brompton's Cocktail before they hopped on their Brompton Bikes and began bouncing and bounding off walls.
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The end part with the spiral exit from the car park made me feel ill in a way that few stunt videos ever have. Maybe because I ride a bike every day, and it seemed all too possible (and horrible)?
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Where are their helmets? I get the fun and all that, but more and more I see little kids around here imitating stuff like this without their helmets. Of course, their parents need to make sure that they wear them, and should insist on it, but why not take the skill and admiration that one has earned and use the "popularity index" that accrues from that to leverage influence - i.e. at least put a warning up for little people who don't know any better, and say "don't try this at home without wearing adequate head protection"...instead of modeling behavior that's dangerous for kids (and others) who have no idea what smashing into a wall without a helmet might do to their future, or how same might end any prospect of future?

On another note: As I walk about town, I've occasionally taken to politely asking young people on all kinds of bikes and skateboards, etc. why they are without helmet (these are people from roughly 15-30 years in age). Almost universally, the answer I get back (with most people rather pleasantly surprised at my curiosity) is that "it doesn't look cool". That really surprised me, because I expected answers like "it's too hot to wear it, etc". From that I've deduced that those who are in positions to model safe behavior - and are considered "cool" - might do their fellow bikers and skateboarders a favor, and let it be known that a helmet is, indeed, cool - and even wear a helmet, because nobody is 100% immune to a personal Black Swan event.
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I've had a Brompton for 5.5 years, and regularly ride it all around NYC. I think of it as my commuter, so truthfully I've really abused the poor bike, and it has held up wonderfully. I honestly think it can hold weigh more than 242 lbs., it's extremely well made. I have hit potholes, curbs, road craters, gone off ledges and had to make some dicey braking maneuvers in Manhattan traffic, and there's been no major damage. I'm a lifelong BMX'er, so I treat my Brompton a bit like a BMX. I actually bunny hopped a pot hole on my Brompton once, and still no major damage (I actually didn't think you could bunny hop a Brompton, because of the folding hinge on the main tube, but you can, it stays open). I've gone through 2 sets of wheels, a bunch of tires, 2 seats, and a lot of cables (they tend to kink and get caught on things), but structurally the frame is still in excellent shape. I would say these are definitely sturdy little bikes, despite how they look.
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