8-Bit Animal Paintings
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"Menagerie" is a series of 10 polygonal animal paintings by Laura Bifano, inspired by her love of nature and classic 8-bit video games. [Via]
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It kind of gives me the howling fantods when people make fake low-res stuff but don't make all the pixels the same size, or on the same axis.

Anyway: other than that bit of nerd rage, this is pretty neat. I do like the regular hunter & dogs & horses chasing the blocky fox.
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They should add those to minecraft. If someone tweets them @notch or @jeb, they probably will.
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reminds me a bit of Space Station Silicon Valley or Cubivore
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I like the colours used in these. The macaques don't look too happy.
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These are just beautiful thanks for posting.
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Oh man, I love her style (and the other work in her gallery, too). Thanks for this.

I went to see the I Am 8-Bit art show in LA recently, and they had these happy little guys on display. As I'm looking at them, a dude walks up next to me:

Dude: Whoa, look, they got the Minecraft items!
Dude's Buddy: Oh, sweet.

I wept silently, until my wife came over and announced that she had just bought this print (profoundly NSFW).
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8-bit is the new bacon!
posted by R. Mutt at 4:35 AM on September 23, 2011

Honey badger!
posted by slackdog at 5:03 AM on September 23, 2011

Wow those paintings must have really good anti-aliasing because some of those pixels look almost diagonal.
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Sure, like polygonal bees would build round beehives.
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The diagonals and fine lines (such as the heron's beak) in the artwork made me dislike the effort, but at least it made me think a lot about why the color schemes didn't annoy me quite so much – I mean, if we're talking about 8-bit images, why should blockiness be the defining trait? Surely the available range of colors should be just as important! It seems like you could violate one rule (256-color palette) or the other (pixels) but not both. She violated both. And I'm sorry to be so picky, but as a result the whole thing felt rather try-hard.

And, jake, that's a pretty profoundly awful print. Nothing like glorifying one of the worst games to ever be invented.
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i personally never even thought 8bit was all that cool. read my blog at www.zzz
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Surprisingly disturbing. (I'm not saying that's a bad thing.)

Also - Cubical honey badger don't give a shit!
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There is an Etsy store! Awesome.
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You know, I looked at this all prepared to hate the 8 bit thing that seems to be the fad right now, but I actually kind of like these. They are artistic rather than just some novelty like most of the 8 bit stuff is.
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slackdog: "Honey badger!"

Be excited all you want, but honey badger don't give a brick.
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He's ain't nothin' but an 8-bit honey thief!
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Lies, damned lies, and honey badgers
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I think people are over-analyzing the 'diagonals' and stuff. These aren't meant to be true 8-bit, which would always be 2d, not 3d but rather to simply 'recall' those things. If you look at minecraft, many of the animals, like pigs are made up of cubes, but those cubes are not aligned to a strict XYZ grid.
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I thought I wanted the bees, but then I saw the octopus.
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It says she was inspired by her love of 8-bit games, but she describes the works as polygonal. Perhaps it was the idea of creating images of living things without using any round bits that she likes about 8-bit, not the cubes or the colours.
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