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Mukimono [wiki] is the artistic carving of mangoes, pumpkins but mostly watermelons, watermelons, watermelons and more watermelons into beautiful and maybe even fractal patterns. Not to be confused with Lynchian [previously] carving of foul-mouthed potatoes. [MLYT]
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A few more elaborate examples.
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Thank you so much for those links, that is incredible and so beautiful! I was intrigued, but skeptical, then absolutely seduced within seconds. Amazing to see how an already quite elaborate-seeming design gains more and more depth and nuances, and the first one I saw had me completely gosmacked by the end. Quite poignant to think they fade within days... I cannot even begin to comprehend the kind of modesty which must go with being a master of such an ephemeral art...
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Very, very cool! I shared this on Google+ and credited you.
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You can also use watermelons as hats
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