"You hold your breath, it's absolutely perfect."
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Like a "modern-day pirate," 75-year-old Ray Ives has been diving for sunken treasure for decades. Wearing an ancient, bronze-helmeted diving suit, he searches the ocean floor and keeps a huge collection of marine salvage (including antique cannon balls, 'bottles, bells, swords, portholes and diving gear') in a shipping container "museum" at a British marina.

Ray: A Life Underwater: Vimeo / YouTube. (A short film documentary.)

This short film documentary was produced / directed by Amanda Bluglass. Interview with her in the Atlantic: Diving for Gold and Mermaids

Stills from the documentary from Directory of Photography Danny Lee Cooke.
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"Everybody wants gold and a mermaid."
Spoken like a true pirate; I salute you good sir.
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Yes but how does he feel about The Life Aquatic?
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Couldn't help but noticing in the fourth still, that Ray looks a lot like the cutout of the captain in the background.
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I really enjoyed that. It's raining here.
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Very cool, although "Like a modern-day guy who salvages stuff" would be a heck of a lot more accurate.
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