Why use 2.5d when 2 will do?
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The Doom Roguelike is really much better than it has any right to be, and has come a long way over the last four years of development. Its spacey sister is the Aliens Roguelike (previously). Here are some tutorial videos to get you started, and mefi's own JHarris' review of DoomRL from 2007.
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Good old DoomRL. I'm going to have to get into it. I was perfectly happy with the Diablo-esque Doom: Fall of Mars as well.
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Man, I always forget this exists and then get reminded that it's actually a thing and mean to try out but forget again.
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Omg. Yeah, like cortex, I always forget this exists, and then find it again and remember how awesome it is.
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I went looking for a good link for Doom: The Board Game for anyone scared off by rogue-likes but still desiring a turn-based Doom experience, but it seems to be out of print. Oh well.
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Thread soundtrack (B)
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Darn. I was really hoping this was an implementation of a Roguelike game in the Doom engine rather than the other way around.
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I guess I'd be remiss in saying that, in the most recent Roguelike Radio, I kind of tear into the direction DoomRL has gone. When I played a couple of games to refresh my memory of it, I found it rather less fun that I had before. It now seems to be more complicated than it needs to be, and ammo is not plentiful enough that there are far fewer cases where you have to watch your shots and mix up your weapons.
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Er, I'd be remiss if I didn't say that. Sigh.
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this Angel Arm is pretty neat, but i'm in a jam. surely the fabled "alternate reload" will help me pull a Vash and get out of this without being nyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooo BOOOM crunch splat dead
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I love this.

However, discussion of this game so far has neglected to mention that it does your head in.

Other than that, great game.
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related, but too lazy to make a post: pacman roguelike Netpack
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