Temperature and Rainfall Around the World
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Climate Wizard enables you to access leading climate change information and visualize the impacts anywhere on Earth. This web-based program allows you to choose a state or country and both assess how climate has changed over time and project what future changes are predicted to occur in a given area.
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According to this map, climate change will bring an annual average of 30" of rain to the Austin area by 2050. Honestly, that doesn't sound so bad compared to where we are now
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My understanding is that there are a lot of areas which will potentially receive a slightly increased amount of precipitation mid-century as the rising temperature causes more evaporation. But in many of those areas as the temperature continues to increase the ground and such dries out and average precipitation falls below current levels. The map seems to back that up as a lot of areas that are slightly greenish around 2050 are yellowish by 2080.

Texas as a whole looks like it gets completely hosed over the next century. I have no doubt that they will refuse any federal assistance in what is clearly a state problem.
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People still believe in climate change?

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anywhere on Earth

Just checked my favorite vacation destination, Curacao. No change at all, great!
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People still believe in climate change?

Apparently NASA still believes in it. I know, they're acting like an advocacy agent, when really they're supposed to be sending people to Mars or something. But with the end of the shuttle program, and some of their funding in doubt, they're probably just getting on the AGW funding gravy train.
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People still believe in climate change?

I guess they weren't convinced by that paper you submitted to the peer-reviewed journal.
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People still believe in climate change?

Funny how a verifiable change in climate coupled with a physical understanding of the behaviour of gases will do that.
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