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Plenty of Colour is a site devoted to colour inspiration: not only from shades (black, red, pink, and purple to start), but also colourful places and spaces and objects of desire. There's also ColourLovers, (mentioned many times previously on the blue), with the The Colors of Good vs. Evil.
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Bookmarked, thanks.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 11:19 PM on September 25, 2011

competition orange is the fucking king
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I suspect Marvel's high use of purple and green is distorted by the large amounts of Hulk and Hulk enemies, who love the color scheme. Which is kind of weird -- I mean, who wants the same color palette as their arch-nemesis? Unless they were trying to get the Hulk's goat via trademark infringement, which would be sort of evil and law-breaking, I guess....
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Bookmarked. What a beauty. Thank you so much. Now I must go look at that site.
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Sometimes in my beige cube in my beige workplace my brain starts craving color. It's like my eyes itch from not being stimulated properly. This is absolutely the perfect thing. Some really fun, creative stuff too...I love these hairdresser business cards.
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This is lovely! Thanks for sharing. :)
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How did I not know about Plenty of Colour? Thank you so much.
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For being called Plenty of Colour, this site sure is plain white. However, since I love all things color-related, I shall read more of it. Thanks for sharing!
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