Postcards to Alphaville
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"'Postcards to Alphaville' is a project dedicated to film characters featured in guest-made illustrations. Everyone participating in this adventure has to watch a film and make postcard portraying specific character from it. It is love-letter to films and those characters that brings us, the viewers, moments of joy, sorrow and revelation and sometimes seems more real than the neighbor next-door." via
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Aguirre: The Wrath of God
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Wait, wait. I can't actually find Alphaville on the list! ROBBED.
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Just as I was thinking nobody would do anything unexpected in their choice of character (A Clockwork Orange: Alex, Alien: Ripley, etc.), along comes Groundhog Day. Hurray!
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This also has nothing to do with Alphaville. Just so nobody is confused.
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If you wish to be considered for the project, please send a direct link to your portfolio.

This is a fail to me. If I were doing this I'd put up an address and say, "If you wish to be considered mail your postcard submission." When it comes to art cards I am a traditionalist. If it didn't survive the vagaries of the postal system it's not real.

I'm not certain, but these don't look like real collages and actual postcards. A more apt title of this project would be Photoshop to Alphaville.

Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of them, but the billing is a bit deceptive.

I'm biased though. I like real mail.
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Many of these remind me of the interesting interpretations found in Polish movie posters.
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