Sergey Tyukanov
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The paintings of Sergey Tyukanov are rich in colors, in characters, in details, delightful the eyes from the first sight. Each work is like a little world, where people live according to different rules. Normal proportions not respected in his works; surrealism characterizes his art the best, and traces of the Russian customs and traditional costumes may be spotted without much difficulty. It all seems to happen in a Russian fairytale or in the nightmare of an artist-because only in the head of an artist’s genius, such a nightmare could be born.*
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Marvelous! For some reason the constructions in these keep bringing to mind certain literary constructions of Lem. Perhaps the madness, or the combinations of meat, robotics and everyday objects. (Or maybe the poster!)
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This stuff triggered a memory, something from my childhood. I can't recall what/where/how other than it's a positive recollection...

Some more...
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Reminds me of the Codex Seraphinianus, or the art in the card game Dixit.
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Love this! Thanks for sharing it!
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Eat your heart out, Bosch!
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I hope Bob Dylan doesn't see this.
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Thanks, Trurl. These are lovely!
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I'm glad this site gets an airing every year or so around the webs. Sergey is a nice fellow and was kind enough to allow me to publish one of his neosurrealist etchings (this variant of the Flying Dutchman design) in a book a few years ago.
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And, even more amazing - an artist's flash site that isn't completely, stupidly infuriating to navigate! With the option to save!

What is he, some sort of Web 2.0 art outsider?
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