Beauty Queen Sister
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Indigo Girls' 14th album, Beauty Queen Sister, will be released on October 4th. You can hear it now in its entirety thanks to Folk Alley.

Beauty Queen Sister was produced by Peter Collins, who produced two of IG's most beloved albums, Rites Of Passage and Swamp Ophelia. Guest musicians on the album include Lucy Wainwright Roche, The Shadowboxers, Damien Dempsey, and Luke Bulla.

Indigo Girls will be touring the eastern US this fall in support of the new album.
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I feel the album starts slow and really gets strong in the second half, so don't let the early tracks discourage you from listening clear through.
posted by hippybear at 9:12 PM on October 1, 2011

I love John on the first listen, I think that the Indigo Girls narrative skills are really under rated
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oh thank god, I'm going to give this link to my wife and hope to never hear "romeo and juliet" again
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I love these women. Got to see them once in concert here in Seattle. My favorite part was all the committed female couples around us, softly singing (accurately) along with every note.

Thanks for this post.
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It's a shame I had to put my long-haired collie down. She loved them.
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It's pretty good, but I'm only buying it if it comes in a carbon-neutral digipak made from post-consumer recycled materials.
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joe lisboa: I'm not sure if you're being snarky or not, but their last couple of releases haven't even been digipaks, instead have been all cardboard packaging with pockets to hold the CDs and no plastic at all. Not sure about the recycled content, but aside from the disk itself, the entire thing involved no plastic at all.
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Ooooh, this is so, so lovely.
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If I knew there were playing with a band, I might venture to see them. I have seen them maybe 10-15 times, and the last 5, with them playing solo, were just hootnannys with the crowd. If that song Galileo never existed, I might feel differently, but for whatever reason I loathed that song on first hearing, and liked it less each time afterwards.

But we have them to thank for Girlyman being widely known, so there's that.
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Yeah, I hear you there, Danf. I've seen them a zillion times over the years, and while I appreciate their duo shows and know they're a lot cheaper to do, I really really miss the energy of them performing with a full band.

I am liking the new album quite a bit. It grew on me steadily across the 3-4 listens I gave it last night. Definitely am glad for the new producer. (Not that I thought Mitchell Froom was a bad thing, but this album has more life to it, or something, than their previous couple of efforts.)
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joe lisboa: I'm not sure if you're being snarky or not...
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I adore them!!!! Have since1989!!! My husband met Emily at the Party on Ponce in Atl last night!!! They are and will ALWAYS be my favorite group ever!!!
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They may be lovely people and talented songwriters, but I've never forgiven them for fucking with "Romeo and Juliet."
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