The September Issue
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September seemed to be a good month for nu-disco and synthpop DJ mixes. While Cinnamon Chasers, Penguin PrisonCosmonauts and Mustang all included the name of the month in their releases, Justin Faust probably takes the top spot with his punch, ecstatic The Brisket Biscuit Mixtape, followed very closely by Anoraak's Night Colors Mix.

(If you like this sort of thing, then I can't help but recommend the Fear of Tigers podcast The Guestlist. His album Cossus Snufsigalonica is also a must-have.)
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punchy, darnit
posted by beaucoupkevin at 7:14 AM on October 2, 2011

It's pretty good, but I'm only buying it if it comes in a carbon-neutral digipak made from post-consumer recycled materials.
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This is relevant to my interests.
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I did not know Russ Davies of Cinnamon Chasers was Dave Davies' son. Interesting.
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Thanks! This is just what I've been looking for.
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Holy crap that Justin Faust mix is colossal.
Thanks again!
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merci, kevin. my sunday just got that much more productive.
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If you haven't heard the spectacular Julio Bashmore essential mix, it's also worth your time.
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Whenever I see that waveform on Soundcloud, I instinctively try to click and drag to make it taller.
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I wish it was a little bit taller.
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Does anyone have a good definition of nudisco? (key artists, key tracks?)
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From 1998-2004 there were some really cool websites where music was being discussed, shared and reused. Unfortunately the success of these music communities was the very reason they were seen as an existential threat and stomped on by the music publishing industry of the 20th century.

A lot happened during the mp3 revolution because home DAW software had come of age at exactly the same time that the mp3 file format was being used to make creative works easy to distribute; remix culture took off and maybe that's why there was a massive electropop/electrodisco/electro revival.

I wish I could link you to some of the cool electronic tracks from that time but it aint that simple. As each online musical hangout was crushed or crippled by the dark lords of copyright, the history and the music of that small but prolific digital era was being lost like knowledge during the dark ages.

Of course we downloaded the music but with a surfeit of passion and a deficit of discipline we didn't make backups. I really wish I could give you a link. Some of those tracks were like a fizzing bottle of soda exploding in my mind; ten years, and five dead hard drives ago.
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