On Monday, me and some dudes are gonna tailgate outside the Kellogg School of Management before the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel is announced.
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"I remember back in the '90s, when I first heard about their discovery of cell receptors activated by pathogenic microorganisms. I was in this bar called Alumni Club on Clark Street in Chicago. It's gone now, which is fine because it was terrible. Doesn't matter, I guess, but me and my buddies had just polished off a mound of wings and, like, seven buckets of Corona when this dude comes in blabbing about the critical role dendritic cells play in adaptive immunity. I almost kicked the hell out of him on the spot, but I have to admit the slides he brought made me a believer." Dennis O'Toole uses the Nobel Prize to satirize sports commentary in hilarious fashion. (SLNPR)
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Some more stuff from O'Toole, if it strikes your fancy.
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No way it's Mankiw this year. I'm betting on Robert Shiller or Richard Thaler.
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That was charming.
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Meant to mention: If possible, listen to the audio rather than read the transcript. His delivery is pretty awesome.
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A propos of nothing, but it was kind of surreal finding out that my friend's dad was one of the winners for the Nobel Prize in Medicine... via a Facebook status update yesterday. This is literally what the feed looked like during that time yesterday, and clearly one of these things is not like the other:
Brett ******** Dexter has always hovered around black comedy, but the new episode really took off in that direction. It was odd, but I liked it.

Erica ****** I'm at a SharePoint pop rave. That is all.

Amanda ***** added 3 new photos to the album Mobile Uploads.

Jesse ***** ******* BOWN bown ! wub wub wub wub, wub wub wub wub Hey Sexy Lady by Skrillex on grooveshark.com

Jason ***** shared a link. http://www.stumbleupon.com/to/s/25ZXq0

Lisa ******* it's official! http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2011/beutler.html

Erica ****** First class upgrade, bitches!

Kevin ***** Anyone have a professional level stylist steamer they want to sell or let me store it/borrow indefinitely?

Amanda ******** As a fellow UW creative writing major, I am so glad to see that Amanda Knox has finally received a just verdict. Look forward to hearing that she's safe at home in Seattle
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What the heck is a sharepoint pop rave??
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And clearly "Amanda ********" is a sockpuppet of Amanda Knox herself.
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That's hilarious. Sports-writing is always horrible
On Friday, we get the peace prize. I'm gonna say ... anyone who was within a mile of Tahrir Square. Or heck, maybe they're gonna give it to that Twitter dude, Biz Stone.
Oh dear god, that's just a joke right. That's not a real thing is it? Biz Stone? A Nobel peace prize for twitter for 'facilitating' the Arab Spring? That would be mind-blowingly ridiculous.
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I heard this while driving today, and thought it was one of the least funny things I've ever heard on NPR, which is saying something. Seeing how much some people liked it, though, is interesting, and makes me wonder if my sense of humor is just different, or if I was simply missing the right referent to make it funny because I'm not a person who listens to or reads much sports writing.
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