Fortunately, Atlas Shrugged is not one of the choices
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Treasures of the Bodleian. Oxford University's Bodleian Library will move into a substantially renovated home in 2015. In preparation, it has put online a selection of highlights from the collection, ranging from papyri to Penguins. You can vote for your favorite treasure, and the top vote-getter will go on display when the library reopens.
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Good stuff. Check out the Sappho link and you will have the scrap recited in English and in Greek.
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Includes some of the gifts from Sir Edmund Backhouse, long an inspiration to dodgy bullshitters hanging around Beijing such as myself.
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*scrolls past Magna Carta, Purcell ms. &c.*

‘Free Nelson Mandela’ badges and box

Well, I wasn't expecting that.
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Goodness, I didn't know about the Bodleian move. Unpicking it from the info on the site, I think that the moves are for books rather than readers - not that they aren't still major of course. The New Bodleian is being renovated and restored (link) and two floors of the Underground Bookstore under the Old Bodleian and the Radcliffe Camera will be turned into open stack reading rooms. (And the tunnel to the Radcliffe Camera will be opened to readers, wch is exciting.) Most of the books will move to a new storage facility - here are pictures, an article and a bit more info. Previously the books were I think mostly at Nuneham but there were other stores like the rock salt mine one in Cheshire - but if anyone has more detailed info it would be interesting to know.
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the Underground Bookstore

I gather that it was literally a subterranean space for storing books, rather than a place that sells the Anarchist Cookbook, but that phrase made me do a doubletake!
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The tunnel is already open, paduasoy.
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Thanks, hydatius. I need to have a look urgently. Crossing Radcliffe Square always makes me think of the bit in Operation Pax where they get into the bookstacks by going down a sort of supply chute, having to jack-knife at the right moment to avoid getting stuck.
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I know, I just finished Operation Pax 2 days ago. Subterranean bookstack chase scene goodness. That book just begs to be made into a movie. I love the combination of action! Plus libraries!
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