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This is a collection of obsessive photo projects conducted over years or decades.
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Some of these are indeed obsessive, but just because something is a long-term project doesn't make it obsessive. For example, would not classify The Brown Sister as obsessive even though the photos were taken over a 25-year period.
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Whoops sorry, "obsessive" wasn't a judgment, but rather a quotation from Keller's own (humorously self-mocking) description.
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Man, I remember seeing that Noah K Everyday site many years ago - perhaps a year after the project began. It was the first instance of that sort of project I'd seen on the web. I'm amazed to see that it's been going on quietly all this time. Scrolling down the page of near-identical faces, watching the face and head change around the unchanging eyes... It's kinda melancholy viewing...

Well, at least his mother can never complain about the lack of photos forthcoming.
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I consistently (obsessively?) photograph certain kinds of objects (like traffic cones, lanterns, sun-bleached blue posters, wrapped/covered things, objects in piles or clusters, etc) or scenes (people *interacting* with advertisements, people from a distance, etc) so... I can relate.

The 'self-portrait-a-day' thing is a little too much narcissism pour moi, however.
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ms.codex, I did realize "obsessive" was the linked site's term not yours, but I should have made that clear myself.
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This is a keeper for me--thanks
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The snooze-button camera looked like it might be interesting but the link didn't seem to go to much (at least for me).

I found it here.
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That site is the work of an obsessed person. Very meta.

I find these types of things slightly sad, yet fascinating. Like, have you ever stumbled across an online obituary, or been to a funeral and got the good old "folded A4 printout"?

Photo of beaming baby at 18 months... wedding photo... photo aged 60-ish. His whole life is summarised in three photographs... and there he is up the front, dead, in a wooden box, stinkin' up the place. And only 0.000000167% of the world's population even cared that he existed at all.

It's downright depressing.
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He forgot Homer Simpson - a photo per day for 39 years. Which coincidentally, I saw for the first time yesterday, and liked the music and searched around and found it was ganked from a viral video.
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I took a Polaroid each day for 5+ years. I stopped a few years ago. I still get panicked from time to time thinking, "oh shit! I forgot to take a Polaroid today!"

incidentally - my Polaroids got linked here a while back and someone called them "poor photographs not improved by their frequency or medium". Oh, MetaFilter, you old sweetie.
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Oh neat, I saw "ID400" in person - I think it was at the MFA for a while. I kind of agree with the sentiment of "neat idea, too much narcissism" but I can see the appeal of using yourself as a photographic subject. Much easier than trying to hunt down models or risk confrontation in the street, but it feels like something is lost when you avoid trying to make connections with other people.
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This is great, thanks. Some of my favourites are here.
Although it doesn't list Flo Fox, whom I was reminded of from the Joan Rivers documentary, of all places.
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