How to Make Hip Hop Hits
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boyinaband rocks Reason and shows us How to Make Hip Hop Hits.
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At first I was like, there are a million of these tutorials on youtube... why this one, and this I was like O_o

This is awesome.
posted by empath at 6:31 AM on October 7, 2011

Tutorial lyrics.
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That was stunning. Is that Reason 4 or 5? He knows his way round it pretty well. Check out the filename of the MS-paint at the end as well : )
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His 7 day song making tutorials are fine too, all done in Reason.
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It's not that what he's doing in Reason is that great (it's pretty much DAW 101 stuff), but the presentation was fantastic...

You can do that sort of thing in fruity loops or ableton just as quickly and easily.
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Btw, even though he makes this look really simple and easy (oh, you just turn this knob here and this dial here, and push this button and put these notes in), it kind of elides over the part where you spend 6 hours doing random shit to find those perfect settings.

It's kind of like --

Q: "How do you write like Charles Dickens?"

A: "Okay, first you open Word, and start typing the following: 'It was the best of times....', then continue on in that style for several hundred more pages."
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The beat is ass, but full marks for the video and the presentation and the concept and this is pretty killer. I can't even imagine how much time it took to sequence the video and line it up and do the rap correctly. Makes tired just looking at it. So impressive.
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omg... wow.
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Thank you for posting. It is the sort of thing which deserves a much larger audience that a bunch of music software nerds. The amount of work per second of video time is way higher than most professional broadcast media.
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If you think that's impressive, you should see Ableton Live. That app is amazing.
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I watched BoyInABand's seven day Dubstep tutorial when it first went up. He's hardly at the cutting edge of Dubstep production -- pretty sure he wouldn't claim to be -- but I found him an engaging and self-effacing narrator and picked up a couple of tips.
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The Dubstep tutorial was his very first. I see he revisited the genre for his eleventh, so now I'm going to have to check that out to see what he's learned since then.
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I learned everything I know about making hip hop beats from watching videos like this. It's pretty awesome to live in a time when there is an enormous library of instructional videos on every conceivable topic.

Jeremy Ellis has an excellent series that teaches drumming on drum pads, and I've been dying to get into DJ Angelo's scratching tutorial.
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This was so much better than it sounded from the title!

I'd love to see something like this depicting how Just Blaze/Pharrell/Swizz Beatz etc. make their beats.
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Just Blaze
Pharrell and Pharrell
Swizz Beatz
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