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Entrepreneur Amit Gupta, progenitor of PhotoJojo (previously) and Jelly was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia, and is in dire need of a bone marrow match. The internet responds, offering a $20k bounty for the potential donor.

Friends, fans and colleagues around the world are mobilizing under the twitter hashtag #ISwabbedForAmit, most notably renowned marketer Seth Godin (previously) who, along with Michael Galpert, is putting up the cash.

The test is free and only takes a few minutes; you rub your cheeks with a cotton swab, and mail it back.

It should go without saying that Amit's fight, and dire need for a marrow donor, is in no way unique among all those similarly afflicted. However I felt that the increasing bounty, worldwide attention, and twitter trend make this worthy of a mention in the blue.
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It's unfortunate that healthy, HIV- gay men are still not able to donate. I have a friend who does bone marrow swab drives because of a sick family member, and I feel bad about being forced to turn him down for no good reason other than continued stigma towards gay men that remains from the Reagan-era health policies from the 1980s. One day, this policy will change and more human beings will be able to help each other out.
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