The Map, the Territory and Google Street View
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The Grand Map, an essay by Avi Steinberg.
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How delightfully Borgean.
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Those were delicious, please send more!
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Fantastic article, thanks for posting this. Be sure to check out artist Jon Rafman's, where most of the article's images seem to come from - it's linked in the article but easy to miss.
posted by oulipian at 1:11 PM on October 9, 2011 [1 favorite]'s like the stephen wright joke: "I just got a map of the United States. It's actual size. Maybe you've seen it?"
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That was amazing- a perfect Sunday afternoon story. The one of the nude woman on the beach looks like a painting- beautifu.

And do look at Rafman's site- it's wonderful. If I were an English teacher, my next class assignment would be to have my students pick one of those images and write a story about it.
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Needs more Horse Boy.
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This tumblr also has a lot of interesting Street View images. I often find it hard to believe they're real, and I wish the location (or any context at all) was included.
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"Diminishing in the vast world he has built, Kane retreats to the miniature, a 'dominated world' . . . 'one of the refuges of greatness.'"

Google Earth has something in common with Citizen Kane's paperweight. [SLYT]
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If it’s snowing on the map, is it snowing on the territory?
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This was a cool article, thanks for posting it!
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Ah damnit, I just came here to post this. Oh well. It is a really great article. Rafman's entire body of work is awesome. He understand networked culture unlike anyone working in any medium I've ever seen.
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Rafman previously on mefi. The if Kool-aid Man interview in that link is superb.
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