Rushing the Halloween season
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Time for ridiculous animated Halloween music again? Why, yes, yes it is. But this time -- thanks to Youtube -- in MULTILANGUAGE. это Хэллоуин -- ! [Many MLYT] [Previous Disney multilanguage dubs thread]

The Russian version of "This Is Halloween" (above; alternate translation) doubles down on the darkness. See also German ("Hast du Angst? Ach, das ist fein!"), Japanese ("Halloween Town e Yokoso") , and Thai. "Jack's Lament" is lush and dreamy in French ("Dans mon vieux corps, il regne aujourd'hui / Une bien etrange melancolie . . .") It is distinctly less so in Tiny Toons. The Polish Oogie Boogie -- "Babajagolak" -- is ten extra kinds of scary.

As for Italian, a theater company in Rome put A Nightmare Before Christmas on stage, and posted the songs on Youtube. Although the production contains a good deal of ACTING! and gadding about, I enjoyed the strong vocals, particularly in "Re del blu, re del mai [Jack's Lament]" and "La canzone di Sally."

The Princess and the Frog's "Friends on the Other Side" sounds twice as New Orleans en Francais. I'm partial to the German voice actor who sings "Freunde im Schattenreich."

Le petite boutique des horreurs -- "Dans la banlieue," et "Nourris-moi". Der kleine Horrorladen -- weaker, aber hier ist "Essenszeit."

In conclusion, tell that big dumb scary beast to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you he's got another think coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you want to --
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You could have fooled me that the "This is Halloween" video was originally in Russian. That was delightful.
posted by The demon that lives in the air at 4:11 PM on October 10, 2011

Is it just me or is Halloween, like Christmas, being referenced earlier and earlier each year? It seems like all of October is now dedicated to discussing Halloween. Is Halloween in April next?
posted by smithsmith at 7:09 PM on October 10, 2011

It seems like all of October is now dedicated to discussing Halloween. Is Halloween in April next?

Andy Rooney? I thought you retired?
posted by saturday_morning at 10:13 PM on October 10, 2011

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