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Welcome to, the online collection of gasoline logos from photos and maps. I began this project in 1996 by scanning some images of my small collection of roadmaps,and photographing some of the gas stations I saw during my travels.Since then, many people from all over the world have kindly donated photos, map scans, and information about gas stations from their area. We are presenting them here for history's sake, lest they be forgotten in the world of ever-changing gasoline brands.
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Pretty cool site, I love Americana, but given that this is a project of yours shouldn't it go under the Projects section? I understand the penalties here are stringent.
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These are great, but I am experiencing very minor shock at realizing how desensitized I have become to the rise in gas prices. I am drooling at some of these pictures that have gas prices listed in the $1.85/gal range.

(I am also going to submit a picture of the Texaco where I worked in the late 1980's.)
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I might be wrong, Renoroc, but I believe that's just a quote from the page.
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The description here is taken wholesale from the front page of the Web site; I wouldn't assume it's a project of asockpuppet's based on that fact. However, if it is a quote, I would have encouraged the OP to put it in italics (or quotes) to discourage others from making the same assumption and flagging it as such.

(This is a primary hazard of using a Web site's own description as the entire text of one's FPP, however.)
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Tote-a-Poke! That's a funny name.
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Needs more Bucc-ee's.
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There are days, few and far between I will admit, where I miss the 1970's.
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Needs more Shell Oil.
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I miss Sohio (it was Boron in other states before they were all taken over by BP).

My ex-wife often waxed nostalgic about growing up near a Turkey Hill station and spending her allowance there (don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the US, gas stations usually double as small convenience stores, and because of their ubiquity, MANY of us spent many happy childhood moments buying candy and drinks there). Disappointed to see they have no photos of their old indian head/sign logo (like this)
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