I WILL find the princess and slay the dragon - I swear!
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In the spirit of the Monkey Island saga's point-and-click interface and quirky, anachronistic humor, comes the Flash-based tale of Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula. Cry havoc and release the dogs of retro and homage!
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Swordfighting is a little like making love. It's not always what you do, but what you say.
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I tried starting this just yesterday, but quickly ran out of things to point and click on. I guess I need to go back and actually read the conversations you have with the unhelpful people to get clues on what to do, huh?
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Very cool, i love Monkey Island style games!

When i read the first half of this post I thought that you were going to talk about Hector: Badge of Carnage, which is also Monkey Island style and easily the best iOS game i've ever played.
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Holy monkey bladders! This looks awesome!
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I'm kind of annoyed by games where, for example, I know I need to make a Blender, and I have the Blender Base and the Blender Vessel and the Blender Blades and the Blender Electrical cord, but I have to put them together in a very specific order (I can't first attach the blade to the vessel, and the cord to the base, and then put the two subassemblies together).

I guess I just get easily discouraged and give up when the first couple things I try don't work.
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Actually this is even a little bit worse, because in this case I can't even make (say) a Blender until I've used the (hypothetical) Blender Blade for all the things that have to be cut. Again, easily discouraged.
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Agreed, muddgirl. If I'm not thinking in exactly the same way as the programmer, and my method for building a blender, which seems perfectly logical and resonable to me, isn't exactly the same as the programmer's way, I'm stuck.

I've been watching the videos of Siri on the new iPhone 4S, and how very intuitive it seems to be. You say "Find top-rated sushi restaurants near my office" and it does. Now, if they could apply that kind of fuzzy logic to this kind of game, it'd be just about perfect. Rather than seeing if you assembled the blender in exactly the "right" order, the game just checks to see if all of the pieces in the final assembly are correct, and you're good to go.

There are several text adventures that I simply gave up on because I couldn't figure out the exact [VERB] [NOUN] combination the author was fishing for.
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And for the diehard Monkey Island fans, Steam has the "Special Edition" Monkey Island 1 and 2 for $10 each, or $15 for the pair. Shiny new graphics, same great humor.
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Why does it say I need wood when everything around me is made of wood? There is wood in the alleyways, can't I just grab that wood when I need wood? Is there special wood that can be grabbed?
Time to cheat.
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kind of related...nostalgic monkey island theme
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This game violated a seemingly important rule of Lucas Arts styled games, and that is the multi-use item acting as a barrier.
I have a pole and string and a hook and a worm! You'd think I could put them together right? Right?
But nope, can't combine them. Why not? Because I need the stick for poking. I've already poked the chandeleir with the stick, but no, I still have to poke the sparring dummy with it. But didn't I already poke the dummy with the tongs and hammer to no effect? I was apparantly using the wrong implemens...
After poking the dummy with the stick, fulfilling all prior stick uses, I am then allowed to construct my fishing rod.

I got out of the town, but its time to reinstall Day Of The Tentacle instead.
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If it makes you more inclined to keep playing, Theta States, I THINK that's the only instance in the game - the rest of the game has some fairly neat and straightforward puzzles.
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Finished that! It's funny how it has some of the best and worst traits of old adventure games (though it obviously can't reach the humour of the classic Lucas games). A pleasant diversion though.
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Agreed. I finished it last night as well.
I think my favourite part was the efficiency in which it used and eliminated items from my inventory.
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