So many buckets of blood
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It's Happy Wheels, the motorcross physics flash game featuring buckets of blood, harpoons, and over-the-top violence, and where you can play as "Irresponsible Dad" or a host of other characters. And there is a level creator. Crazy enough that videos of people playing the game are among the most-viewed on YouTube. [Warning: As mentioned, buckets of blood]
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A bloody torso maintains a surprising amount of momentum.
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Reminds me of the Dismount™ family of ragdoll physics games: Stair Dismount™ (Porrasturvat™), Truck Dismount™ (Rekkaturvat™), and Sauna Dismount™ (Kiuasturvat™).

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So bloody. So very, very bloody. Unfortunately, I think the gore may overwhelm the gameplay, though I didn't try very hard. What sort of special actions can you do besides jumping?

In derail-related news, I hadn't noticed that video interstitials were now standard on these Flash game sites.

Also, videos of people playing the game are among the most-viewed on YouTube

YouTube Charts.

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That guy narrating the video sure made some funny noises.
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This is the best game I have ever seen in my life.
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Afternoon serial killer.
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Ok, that bike level was some seriously funny shit, especially that last run through. You couldn't have scripted the headless kid, the hidden passage, and the bike falling from the sky at the last moment any better.
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