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The South London Press has been covering the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Wandsworth since 1865.

The flickr group 'SOUTH LONDON PRESS' documents the SLP's particularly poetic sandwich boards, from the sublime to the spectacular via the poignant and the merely everyday.
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I'm a fan of Australia's NT News myself.
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More NT News. (And yes, if you thought Casper was friendly, you should, in fact, meet Kevin.)
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Let's not forget the New York Post. It is a classic for classy headlines, like these:
The Stocks are like a hooker's panties.
Tiger is a Cheetah.
David Carradine suicide is Hung-Fu.
US World Cup defeat, stupid sport.
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This encapsulates the excitement of the local headline for me: Rihanna not coming to Morecambe.
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I moved from inner city Dublin over 10 years ago to a medium sized town on the South Coast. The first week I read the local crime report sidebars in the local newspaper I was utterly bemused.
"Youth seen attempting to enter house on George's Street via front window last Saturday. Anyone with information contact PC Bloggs on...."

I had visions of bailing my daughter out every weekend she forgets her house key....

It was a culture shock let me tell you.
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Similar: Evening Standard Headlines Flickr set
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Here's one I spotted a couple of weeks ago.
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Who shoplifts accordions?
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Alter-universe Bad Jimmy Shand.
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The all-time winner, however, has got to be the Scottish Daily Record, with "I kicked burning terrorist so hard in the balls I tore a tendon in my foot". (And he did, too! This is why burning terrorists should never attack Glaswegian airports ...)
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Best local news headline from the small town paper where I grew up: FOODMART HIT TWICE! POLICE BAFFLED!

Rather than being about a crime spree in small town Maine, it instead referred to a little old lady crashing her car through the front entrance (accidentally) and an employee (also my sister) accidentally driving up and over one of those cement barriers and putting a 3' dent into the deli. Both occurred the same week, and the police were surprised they would be dealing with accidents like this twice in a week...

I framed the article for my sister's benefit.
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And don't forget the crack squirrels
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Best ever local news headline was one I spotted on holiday in the Epworth Bells and Crowle Advertiser: MUM FINDS DEAD BEE IN GARDEN. According to the paper, she was worried that this could be the beginning of an epidemic, and appealed to local residents to report any other sightings of dead bees.
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Man who tried to turn his faeces into gold is jailed. Where there's muck, there's brass!
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