The Strategy? "Pitch Swift."
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The Invisible Fastball. "Six decades ago, a minor league pitcher accomplished something we'll never see again." (Single page version)
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Obviously this is a lengthy article. If you're not interested in reading the full story, here's a three-sentence bio of Kelly Swift's career, which will explain in very general terms what he accomplished to earn so much ink in Sports Illustrated.

Mr. Swift's career stats, broken down for each of the 11 seasons he played, can be seen here.
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Old Hoss wonders what the big deal about 30 wins in a season is.

Thanks for the link, it looks really interesting. I'll always have a soft spot for long time minor leaguers. The dedication to the game it takes to spend a decade on the farm is almost heartbreaking.

Reminds me of Randy Ruiz, who played in the Jays organization for a couple years when he was 30. He tore up the minors for years, but couldn't field any position on defense. He even tore it up when he got called up to the bigs, but could never stick. He was probably just a couple lucky breaks from being a DH on a big league team and spending a decade making millions of dollars, but instead he spent 10 years riding a bus.
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Sports stories shouldn't have this much influence on me. It's a little dusty in here.
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Ok, that was an awesome story. I'm glad I read it. Nice post!
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Now that is what I call playing with heart.
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auto-correct: "Old Hoss wonders what the big deal about 30 wins in a season is."

After I sent this to my father-in-law he told me about Denny McLain. :)
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That is what I call burying the lede.
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Really great story; thanks for posting.
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That's a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing!
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I read through this last night while watching the Rangers beat up on the Detroit pitching staff, in between innings. Great timing, and a great read.
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This story touches me in a number of ways. As a kid, I was a pitcher in Little League. As a college student, I worked on a tobacco farm. My graduate school internship was in western North Carolina, and my wife and I started dating when she lived in Hickory.

I can tell you that tobacco farming is the most brutal work I've ever done, and I'm amazed by anyone who could do that all day and then pitch so well.

Anyway, thanks for the nice trip down memory lane.
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That was a nice story, thanks zarq.
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Very nicely told.
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That was an amazing story - thanks.
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