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The Billboard Wayback Machine is an interactive that lets you explore the Billboard charts spanning from 1964 to 2011
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1964/65: 8/25 top tunes by The Beatles. I was 12 then, and kept track of the Top Ten. One week six Beatles' songs were in the Top Ten.
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Why would they not go back any further than 1964?
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Better rubber-band song: The Spinners, or Bill Withers?
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Oops, never mind--I was thinking of something else.
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I literally just creamed in my jeans.
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I was hoping for old timey billboards from the highways in the 1960's.
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There are so many good things about the Internet all wrapped up in this nifty little application.

I had a feeling this came from More on the Whitburn Project.
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Play with this now because it won't be around for long. Billboard's Top40 data (along with all their other data) is copyrighted and they are pretty zealous about defending it. It's very annoying.

The site's author mentions that he thinks this is "fair use". It's not, though. An analysis of the data would be fair use; but actually presenting all the songs and their rankings isn't.

I'm not defending IP here; it's really quite obnoxious that simple ranked lists that are presented far-and-wide would be copyrighted, but, well, that's how it is. The same thing is (or was) true of a lot of sports data compiled by newspapers.
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Who were all those people who bought Roberta Flack singles and where are they now?
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July 21, 1990. The week Mariah Carey killed Madonna.

The end of dance pop and the rise of schmaltz ... but a quick strike back next year.

December 1991 to April 1992: Nirvana devours MC Hammer.
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Holy shit - favorited so fucking hard.
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