The jumpers are all one size and pattern, but the penguins will have a choice of colors.
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Skeinz is a yarn store. Their current newsletter is sending out a request for penguin sweaters due to the oil spill off New Zealand. Surprisingly, knitted wear for penguins is not a new thing.
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FWIW, I've heard on Ravelry that the need for penguin sweaters this time around has already been fulfilled, because there's nothing knitters like more than making tiny penguin sweaters, unless it's making hexipuffs.
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The newspaper article I read about it this morning said they have way more jumpers than they will ever need. Ever. Because knitters got VERY excited about this one.
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How about bowties?
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I was about to cast on for a penguin sweater, but if they do have way too much, even with future oil spills in mind, I guess I'll have to knit something else.

I've been meaning to make mead. Maybe I'll trade the old t-shirt insulation for a properly knit carboy sweater actually tailored for the vessel. Although I like that you can wet the t-shirt to keep the temperature down via evaporation in hot months...
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squee! leetle bebbeh penguin sweaters!
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*puts wool back in box, gets out and resumes the black sparkly bah humbug santa hat*
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Several years ago I volunteered at a charity that collected hand-knit sweaters, socks, hats, etc and shipped them to Afghanistan (which made no economic sense, but charities don't always follow the most rigorous logic). Anyway, this charity became a convenient way for people to "disappear" their knitting failures while rationalizing that somebody could use it. You know all those times you didn't check your gauge and your sweater turned out tiny? That's for some scrawny kid. The one that's a mile wide? That's for the warlord. We got sweaters that were long and skinny, or short and squat, but one totally stumped us. It was beautifully patterned in textured stitches but it was very narrow across the chest and had sleeves like paper towel tubes. We couldn't imagine what kind of body it would fit, so we set it on the "WTF Hall of Fame" pile until another volunteer came in and ID'd it as a penguin sweater. Because there are lots of chilly penguins in Afghanistan.
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In my moments of despair for the human race, I will think about penguin sweaters, and the world will seem a little less bleak.
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