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20 Years Later: Duff McKagan [of Neurotic Outsiders / Velvet Revolver / GunsNRoses] and Adam Curry recently sat down and had an interesting conversation in app format
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Adam Curry is now a self proclaimed 'AppJay'! My word. The powerhouse of hair and.. was it podcasting? I think it was podcasting. Dude hustles. Also, the hair. THE HAIR!
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Duff McKagan has the same birthday as me. For that, I will always love him.


Seriously, he's a damn fine musician and I am an eternal Guns-N-Roses fan. I came of age right around 1992, and damned if I didn't hit RECORD on my VCR every time the GN'R came on the MTV.

(the 90's were an era of caps. To this day, it frets me a bit to type "Blu-Ray" and not capitalize the whole thing).

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Sitting here kinda surprised by lack of feedback cavalier, but TY.

Adam does a wonderful job directing the conversation with both camaraderie and relevance which brought about the interesting inside stories they share.

#greathair #hopeyouwinhttp
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@deep thought sunstar
I was able to catch GnR LIVE in a very small venue / small town in the late 80's directly after Appetite was released.
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Duff was in an early version of The Fastbacks and a later version of The Fartz.
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